Friday, June 17, 2016

When Trump Loses, He’ll Blame Me. And You.

A comprehensive look back at Donald Trump’s various failures in his business and personal life tell us one thing: he’s always a victim. It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s always a bad circumstance, a raw deal, or a poor decision by others (never him) that led to dozens of major disasters throughout his life. The same thing is going to happen with the Presidential election.

Donald Trump is going to lose. I held onto hope for a little while after he became the presumptive GOP nominee to see if he would make the pivot for the general election. This pivot would mean that he’d need to be a ferocious fundraiser. He’d need to make friends inside and out of the Republican party. He’d need to slow down on campaign rallies and start getting more personal with the people who can help him to rally for the general election. He’d need to focus hardcore on the battleground states while keeping a close eye for threats to his more secure red states. Most importantly, he’d need to start learning the job, understanding the issues, and proposing real solutions to the problems that have accumulated since Ronald Reagan left office.

He has done exactly zero of these things. Over a month since driving his nomination opponents away and less than a month until the GOP convention, it seems that any pivot we expected (hoped for) has been pushed aside so he can continue to try to win the election through controversy. It worked in the primaries. It absolutely cannot work in the general election.

Why is he going to lose? Because he’s incompetent. Free 24-hour coverage on television, radio shows, and the internet will not carry him to victory. He needs a plan that includes all of the things listed above. He’s more like The Joker in The Dark Knight than a hero; to paraphrase, Trump is like the dog chasing the car – he wouldn’t know what to do if he caught it.

Polling this early is relatively meaningless, but it points to worse numbers at this point than any GOP candidate in decades. He’s on pace to lose every swing state and some red states as well. Why? Because of me and you… at least that’s the narrative he’ll try to spin after the election while he launches his own news channel.

At the end of the day, he’ll blame the #NeverTrump movement for not kissing the ring. He’ll blame the pundits like Mark Levin and Erick Erickson who haven’t embraced him or told their audience to embrace him. He’ll blame those helping in his campaign for being dumb dumbs. He’ll blame mainstream media for exposing things “dishonestly.” He’ll blame the various bloggers and conservative journalists who refuse to abandon our values for the sake of participating in the impossible task of taking down Hillary Clinton. Right now, the only people who can stop Clinton are in the FBI or in her own inner circle.

He’s a professional victim. There are many of those types of people in the Democratic party, but he’s worse than them. He’s not just a victim. He’s a victimizer. He uses psychological project to transfer his own failures onto someone else. That “someone else” in November is going to be us.

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