Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Trump’s New Testimonial Video for Trump U. is a Joke, Right?

Somebody please tell me that this is a joke. Somebody please tell me that Trump isn’t going to be able to change the conversation as he seems like he’s always able to do. His newly released Trump University testimonial video is an attempt to distract from the point and judging from recent history, he’ll probably pull it off.

As a reminder, Trump’s ability to change the conversation has been extraordinary. Remember, he doesn’t have to convince his supporters that he’s right. He simply needs to get them to suspend disbelief in the idea that he’s wrong. We saw this after he blatantly lied about the ratings for Trump University during the debates. He produced a fax that showed he had an A-rating. It turned out later that the rating wasn’t even for his original Trump University organization, but by the time that was revealed his supporters were already praising Trump and condemning Fox News for doubting his greatness.

There are numerous examples of this throughout his campaign. In this case, he’s trying to draw focus away from the idea that people were scammed. The documents released by the judge in the case demonstrate that this was a predatory organization trying to bilk people out of their money, even targeting the elderly and uneducated.

Some are saying that Trump made a big mistake by going after the judge in the case. This isn’t true. It’s brilliant. He knows that he’s going to lose the lawsuit. All that he’s doing now, from bashing the judge to releasing this video, is designed to give him all the excuses he needs when the decision is released.

Here’s the video:

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