Monday, July 24, 2017

The only legitimate fountain of power…

James Madison is notable for many important quotes, but my personal favorite is this one:

“The people are the only legitimate fountain of power, and it is from them that the constitutional charter, under which the several branches of government hold their power, is derived.”

If ever there was a quote made for the people of today, it’s this one. So many Americans are lost in the fog of false accountability. We rely too heavily on government because we assume they have the power. In some ways, they do, but it’s a power limited by the constraints of the Constitution. This is important to remember because too often it’s just assumed that what the government says or does is to be taken as the final word.

We have the power. It’s not just with our votes. We have the ability to rise up and work together to rein in the tremendous levels of overreach we’ve seen from Washington DC our whole lives. We don’t need to rise up in arms as our founding fathers did. Today, we still have enough law and order in America to be able to rely on proper political channels. This is why the growth of the Federalist Party is so vibrant and relevant. It’s time to reassert our interest and adherence to the Constitutional governance we have at our fingertips.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

We want ideological alignment, not “moving on to” an agenda, Scaramucci

When the first round of cabinet picks and short list Supreme Court Justices were coming out, I was admittedly surprised. My worst nightmare was that the President would follow up his victory by bringing in moderates and even liberals into the White House. He did to some extent, but a good chunk of the people he picked were conservatives such as Mick Mulvaney, Scott Pruitt, and Neil Gorsuch.

Of course, he also brought in problematic people. Reince Priebus led the moderates. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner led the liberals. Steve Bannon led the alt-righters. Then, there were those who weren’t even on my radar for their politics. Among them was Sean Spicer.

Anthony Scaramucci is leading communications now and we should all be concerned. This is an odd strategic pick, but more importantly it’s a pick that brings with it the baggage of strong liberalism tempered by an alleged “fiscal conservatism” that thus far has not been made evident. The progressive views he has shared in the past are available for all to see.

What worries me is that he’s not disavowing these views. Instead, he’s simply deleting them to remove the distraction and “moving on to” the President’s agenda.

Let’s set aside the fact that deleting Tweets before claiming transparency is laughable at best. What’s striking is that he’s not expressing any changes in his perspectives. This is a job and if his job is to communicate the President’s agenda, his perspectives won’t make it in, right? Wrong, and it’s an insult for them to think we’re that naive.

The Comms Director has a direct line to the President’s ear. The last thing we need is even more liberal perspectives swaying the President further to the left. I’m all for people changing their perspectives. Heck, I was in favor of the Iraq War over a decade ago. People can change their minds. The problem with Scaramucci is that he’s not claiming to change anything, whether it’s his leftist opinions on gun control, abortion, or the border wall.

Americans didn’t vote for Donald Trump because they wanted more liberals in the White House. They would have voted for Hillary Clinton if that was their goal and Scaramucci seems more ideologically aligned with the Democrats than Republicans. What does this say about an administration that has accomplished so little in its first six months and that has been embroiled in controversy after controversy?

It’s not too late for the President to put in a right-minded, ideologically aligned Communications Director on the job. Call it a mulligan. Say he was unaware of Scaramucci’s old views or that he fell for a sales pitch. Humble yourself, Mr. President, and get a conservative to handle the communications for your administration. Stop proving that my initial fears were justified.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Stop telling me to wait on defunding Planned Parenthood

Every time I ask about when the GOP will use its majorities and control of the White House to defund Planned Parenthood, I’m met with a flurry of responses. The most common one has been that we have to wait until they’re able to repeal Obamacare because they can take care of Planned Parenthood in that particular piece of legislation. Well, it turns out they can’t. If the Senate bill passes, it will not defund Planned Parenthood.

As I’ve noted before, defunding Planned Parenthood will not prevent abortions. In fact, it would make this political organization (that claims to not be a political organization) even more powerful than it is today. The reason we must defund Planned Parenthood is because it’s a moral blight on our nation to directly fund murder. This, more than anything else, is why the organization must be forced to generate its own revenue by having people willingly contribute rather than forcing every tax-paying American to participate.

To those who have been telling me to wait, what am I waiting for now? It’s not going to be part of the health care bill. There’s not going to be a better time in the future to end the funding. What excuse do you have for me now that the pretend-pro-lifers in GOP leadership have at their disposal everything they need to make it happen?

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Maxine Waters running for President? Yes, please!

We’ve been very clear that we’re not impressed with the pseudo-conservatism practiced by President Trump or the majority of the Republican Party in DC, but we’ve also never been so naive as to believe the Democrats would be better. It’s for this reason that we really, really hope Congresswoman Maxine Waters from California acts upon her apparent willingness to run for President. That would be a slam dunk… for the GOP.

According to The Resurgent:

Since the 2016 elections, Waters has been an  unabashed critic of the Republican majority and President Trump. Concerning alleged Russian meddling, she believes Trump will either be impeached or criminally charged. Refusing to accept that American voters rejected her Party last November, Waters has even surmised that Trump’s election victory was not legitimate.

This has stoked speculation from both the Right and the Left that she may run in 2020. Just a few months ago, Salon published a piece listing five reasons why Waters should forge a run for the White House. She is a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus and many Civil Rights leaders have praised her work.

To add more substance to the story, HotAir points out:

Absolutely true, at least to many people outside of California’s 43rd Congressional district. Maxine Waters has been in the House for twenty-six years as one of its most extreme progressives, and has spent much of the past year agitating for Donald Trump’s impeachment. On the other hand, the 78-year-old Waters has gotten a surprising amount of buzz on the Left as a potential 2020 presidential candidate.

As a California native, I can tell you with absolute certainty that even Waters’ brand of crazy resonates here. Of course, there’s pretty much zero chance a Democrat would lose California at any point in the near future.

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$2M government training program helps people land jobs… 17 of them

There is little doubt among conservatives that government waste is rampant. It seems like the majority of programs that are intended to help people end up doing more harm than good when the whole picture is examined. Then, there are programs like the one in Kentucky launched in part by the Obama administration in 2015 that doesn’t need much examining to determine its failures. For $2M, they were able to help precisely 17 people get jobs.

17 people. $2M dollars. To put that into perspective, they could have just given 40 people $50,000 and told them to improve their own situations with the direct handout.

Daily Signal did an in-depth review of the debacle:

The job training program, budgeted for a total of $4.5 million, was supposed to last through 2019 and train up to 400 people  from an economically depressed region of Kentucky for middle- to high-skill careers in information technology.

As in nearly every circumstance outside of military and a handful of other issues, the government would do best to just stay out of the way instead of trying to get involved. History has demonstrated that private industry and the will of individuals yield far better results than the machinations of bureaucrats.

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Who saved me from getting a $300 ticket for being way too cute? This girl. Laguna Niguel police officer even gave her this traffic safety brochure in lieu of a speeding ticket.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

President Trump’s attack on Jeff Sessions is troubling

If you haven’t heard the audio, start here. Once you’re done, sit back and try to understand what just happened. A sitting President of the United States took one of his early supporters in the Senate and tossed him under the bus for purely petty reasons. What’s worse is that Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation to protect himself AND the President.

It’s been a while since I’ve been critical of President Trump, but the time has come to call him out again. This is ridiculous. I’m not a fan of Sessions for multiple reasons, but it was the right move for himself and the administration to not participate in the Russian investigation since he did not disclose his own contact with Russians. Had he not recused himself, the investigation itself would be pronounced a sham and debacle by people on both sides of the aisle.

The fact that this is new information is what’s most troubling. We didn’t hear complaints when he recused himself. That it comes out now demonstrates this has been lingering in his mind for a while. It seems as if the President is operating at a maturity level far below what one would want in any political figure, let alone President of the United States. He’s holding fealty in the highest regard and dismissing proper presidential characteristics like honor and honesty.

The first response by most Trump supporters will be that President Obama and candidate Clinton were just as bad if not worse. That’s not a high enough bar to put forth for this or any President. There is plenty that can be said about the liberal duo who hampered our standing on the international stage for eight years, but President Trump (or any other President) should be raising the bar, not swinging for par on the integrity scale.

Every time I think the media and the Democrats are acting worse than their nemesis, he pulls stunts like these that remind just how inadequate he really is. This is the same script being played over and over again: the victim card. He just can’t help himself. Everything’s unfair. Everyone’s being mean to him. Even his own people are out to get him. It makes me anxious for better people to find their way into Washington DC. Waiting through this is the hard part.

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Toronto man proves self-governance works. Toronto proves their politicians are morons.

When a park in Toronto was in desperate need of a set of stairs, two things happened. The city jumped through the standard bureaucratic hoops and concluded they needed a city project estimated at $65,000-$150,000 cost to taxpayers. Meanwhile, a private citizen employed a homeless man to help him build the necessary stairs for $550.

You probably already know where this is going. Instead of thanking the man for saving taxpayers money, Toronto is going to tear down the stairs for not being built to their regulatory standards.

CTV News reports:

Retired mechanic Adi Astl says he took it upon himself to build the stairs after several neighbours fell down the steep path to a community garden in Tom Riley Park, in Etobicoke, Ont. Astl says his neighbours chipped in on the project, which only ended up costing $550 – a far cry from the $65,000-$150,000 price tag the city had estimated for the job.

As radio personality Vince Coakley noted, this is self governance in action being shut down by bureaucratic idiocy.

This is a microcosm of the very problems facing both America and Canada. Liberal ideologies do not react kindly to conservative principles in action, particularly when they work.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A caretaker’s role in politics

Over the past year, I’ve worked towards helping to build a new political party. What started as a hobby and a dream has turned into a full-time endeavor; last month I sold my half of the company I’ve been building for three years in order to support my family from now until retirement. The need to make drastic changes in this country is too great for me to sit back and wait for others.

With that said, I’m very well aware of my limitations. I’m not rich. I’m not a politician nor will I ever be one. My resume wouldn’t land me the job as a campaign manager for a city council candidate. Still, there are things I bring to the table that have helped the party grow. When the time comes, I’m eager to take a backseat to those who are smarter, more experienced, and better versed on how to get things done. Until then, I’m here.

Looking back, I’ve made mistakes. I supported Newt Gingrich in 2012. Today I wouldn’t want him anywhere near public office. I once wrote an article (2, if I recall) about not believing in the electoral college. Today, I believe wholeheartedly in the electoral college. Heck, I even jumped on the “take out Saddam” bandwagon with George W. Bush. That turned out to be a huge political mistake. Thankfully, I’m not the one who’s going to be making these decisions.

I’m a caretaker. With nobody doing what it takes to build a true small-government movement, I’ve taken it on myself the last year to read the Federalist Papers (twice), learn as much as I can as a layman about Constitutional law, and follow every piece of major legislature at both national and state levels. I speak daily to patriots who are sick of what’s happening to the nation and I learn much more from them than I could ever teach. That’s the beauty of being a caretaker. My role is simply to connect the right people to the right ideology and do what I can to raise awareness.

It’s important that the party is never judged by the actions of any one individual. I supported Ted Cruz for President, but he’s demonstrated more than once in the last couple of years that he can be driven by politics just as anyone else can. We’ve seen people like Rand Paul and Mike Lee shine at times and fade at other times. Just as Thomas Sowell and Charles Krauthammer were on the opposite side of the political spectrum as they are today, so too can any person learn and (hopefully) grow through their political lives.

In a world with a “conservative” President who once supported partial birth abortion and gun bans, allowing my past support for the Iraq War or eliminating the electoral college to taint the party is nonsense. If a caretaker isn’t allowed to make mistakes, then nobody should be worthy of a vote unless they’re 100% ideologically aligned for their entire adult lives.


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