Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Will Trump Sue North Korea for Ridiculing Him?

The short answer is, “no,” but don’t think that he hasn’t considered it.Therein lies the problem with Donald Trump and foreign affairs.

We know Trump. He has very thin skin. When anyone attacks him, he ramps it up to nuclear levels. As a realtor and reality TV star, this ramping up of his insecure defense mechanisms have yielded very little damage (other than hundreds of lawsuits, four bankruptcies, and a football league). As President, he becomes instantly dangerous.

As detailed on The Blaze, North Korea’s response to Trump’s pledge to speak with Kim Jong-un was only mildly insulting by Trump’s standards:

The problem is that this minor insult will go a long way if he were to be elected President.

We don’t support Hillary Clinton, but we also cannot support Trump. This latest offense was just a foolish attempt to garner more votes so the hope is that it won’t escalate. On the other hand, hoping that anything involving perceived insults or threats to Trump will almost always escalate.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Betrayal in Vietnam Demonstrates Obama’s Lack of Understanding in Foreign Relations

As President Obama lifts arms sanctions against Vietnam, the hard hitting reality of his incompetence in foreign relations is in full bloom. This is a bad move all around.

On the surface, this is an insult to those who fought in the Vietnam War. That should not be taken lightly. There’s no need to go into details about this.

When we dig deeper into the geopolitical reasoning behind this move, it becomes scarier. The President’s standard operating procedure of relinquishing leverage and embracing globalization has been on display throughout his two terms and this is the latest example. In an ideal world, this could be used to position Vietnam as another player in the fight against China’s expansion in the South China Sea. Vietnam has been at odds with China’s expansion into waters that Vietnam claims as their own, so it makes sense to empower them as an additional threat.

The problem is that they won’t be a threat. Hanoi and Beijing have maintained a more favorable relationship than either has had with Washington DC. Any thought that this will make Hanoi jump on the American bandwagon is foolish. We are allowing lethal weapons sales to a country that is much more likely to turn them against us than against China.

That doesn’t mean that China isn’t upset. They have been able to hold Vietnam at arms’ length for decades and are now forced to embrace them more closely, but embrace them they will. The notion that China is going to sit back and watch as the U.S. cozies up to a country so close to China is foolish.

Perhaps the most important factor to understand here is that we are now openly supporting communism. That cannot be dismissed. With any communist, the ability to turn on a dime must be considered. We are opening up arms trade with a country that could easily use those arms against us.

President Obama wants to open doors. He’s been doing it throughout his reign. The problem is that the majority of doors he opens lets in much more bad than good. This is just another example.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

No, Conservatives Shouldn’t Vote for Hillary

Look, I get the frustration. I feel it. As a Christian and constitutional conservative, it’s impossible for me to vote for Donald Trump. I won’t go into the many reasons for this; either you get it or you don’t. With that said, I also cannot even consider voting for Hillary Clinton. I won’t say that she’s worse, but when trying to choose between the lesser of two evils, we have to exhaust every option before making the choice.

An article on Fortune makes a relatively compelling argument about voting for Clinton over Trump if you’re a conservative. The argument appeals to the idea that we can stack the Supreme Court in the future by taking advantage of the fact that the number of Justices is not declared in the Constitution. As such, we don’t need to be limited to nine. The idea is to save the country from Trump by electing Hillary, letting her do her damage, ousting her in 2020, and then stacking the Supreme Court with conservatives by pushing the limit up to 11 or higher.

This is sound on the surface, impossible in practice. More importantly, it’s the wrong way to approach this. We shouldn’t support Hillary. We shouldn’t support Trump. We should fight until November for the best candidate regardless of their chances. The two-party system has been a debacle in that it maintains the status quo. True conservatives realize that the Republican party has left us. We also realize that the Libertarian party has some pretty liberal ideas mixed in with its conservatism. The other lesser conservative parties aren’t viable. However, now is the time to throw viability out the window and vote for the candidate that has the best policy proposals combined with the ability to lead. If we stick to those principles, we’ll likely lose this election but we’ll be establishing the foundation for the conservative movement that will be needed at full strength over the next four to eight years.

The Fortune article points to the New Deal as an example of how we can win in the long run by voting for Hillary:

Conservatives reluctant to support Trump but lamenting that a Clinton victory would lead to a Supreme Court dominated by progressives should recall the lessons of the New Deal. The progressive court that would emerge from a Clinton presidency could be quickly transformed if Republicans copy New Deal progressives and embrace court-packing. There would be costs associated with this scenario, but the costs of either a Trump presidency or acquiescing to a generation of progressive jurisprudence would be far greater.

Barely touched is the fact that the Supreme Court ploy to protect the New Deal failed. The New Deal prevailed based upon other factors, but Roosevelt was unable to expand his Supreme Court control. If he couldn’t do it, chances are slim that it could be done today.

Don’t vote for Hillary. Don’t vote for Trump. Vote for the most principled conservative on your ballot. Write in Ted Cruz if you have to. This isn’t just about our conscience. It’s about saving the country from itself in the long term.

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The New Americana: Conservative News for Those Who Aren’t Selling Out

Believe it or not, I didn’t take the loss to Donald Trump by the Republican party very hard. That might be difficult to believe considering I haven’t posted on this site in over a month, but if anything the loss has emboldened me to double my efforts for the conservative cause in an effort to help America. We’ll be posting here more often again, but we had to take a brief hiatus to launch a new site: The New Americana.

The idea was sparked by sites like Drudge and Breitbart that waged a war against Ted Cruz and conservatism. Their blatant adoration for everything Trump brought many conservatives to question whether or not these sites were bought off. I won’t discount that possibility, but I think it’s more likely that they’re seeing in a Trump nomination the potential for continued success; having a conservative in the White House with a Republican-controlled Congress doesn’t do much for page views when you’re a conservative website. I see this more as opportunism: they supported the most liberal candidate in an effort to have a reason to draw conservatives back into their websites when Hillary Clinton is President.

As a result, we built The New Americana. It’s like Drudge in that it’s an aggregator of conservative news, but it will also house its own unique content. On top of that, we’ll be posting a daily link archive so that any links you saw on the site will be saved for posterity.

The need for conservatism to finally have its day in the sun after three decades of moderate and liberal policies reigning in Washinton DC has never been greater. As wars wage over religious liberties, bathrooms, the military, the economy, and America’s place in the world, we have to stand true to our beliefs because they’re right. Conservatism works in its purest form. America hasn’t given it a chance for a while because of the influences of liberal mainstream media. We have to keep fighting and The New Americana will be a nice venue through which conservatives can find their regularly updated dose of news that can help them fight the good fight.

After a month off, we’ll be posting here more often as well. Be sure to subscribe if you want news delivered to your inbox. Just put in your email address in the little widget at the bottom of the page.

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Only #NeverTrump Can Save Congress

The narrative now among many Republicans and conservatives is that Donald Trump might be bad, but he’s not worse than Hillary Clinton. That’s debatable, but one thing is certain: embracing Trump makes losing the Senate and possibly even the House of Representatives a near certainty.

Let’s first look at the scenarios before diving into the full concept:

  1. Trump Wins in a Landslide: Despite claims by many #NeverTrumpers, it’s very possible that Trump could run away with this election. Clinton is that unlikable. She’s that corrupt. Many Independents, particularly those who are concerned with terrorism and border security, will roll the dice on Trump rather than embracing the known corruption of Clinton. In this scenario, the Democrats will focus all firepower on making sure that Trump is not given control of the Senate and the House. This will carryover to those Independents who are willing to vote for Trump. They’ll be more secure with a Trump Presidency if the checks and balances are stacked against him. The Republicans will lose the Congress in a big way if it appears likely that Trump will win.
  2. It’s Close: Nothing much changes in this scenario from the previous. The fear of Trump controlling the White House with a friendly Congress will still scare people enough to vote Republicans out of office. This could yield the worst-case scenario: A Clinton administration with a Democratic controlled Congress.
  3. Clinton Wins in a Landslide: It’s sad that, as conservatives, this might be the best-case scenario for the country. If Clinton is winning big going into the final weeks, there’s a chance that a mixture of complacency on the left and stalwart opposition on the right could save Congress. A Clinton White House with a Republican-controlled Congress is not what anyone really wants, but if we’re talking about the lesser of evils, this is the least evil scenario.

There are two paths possible for conservatives to take. The first is bad. The second is worse. With the first scenario, we push with everything we have to prevent Trump from having the slightest possibility of winning. This doesn’t mean supporting Clinton; I would never vote for anyone as liberal or corrupt as either candidate and the idea of an opposition vote should go against American values. There will be conservative candidates on most ballots. When in doubt, write-in Ted Cruz.

Preventing Trump from having a chance means fighting for the conservative candidates in Congress and running for Governor without supporting Trump. It sticking to our guns that he possesses neither the integrity nor the skills required to run this country. It means making sure that nose-holding Trump supporters realize that opposing a Clinton White House means the potential to give her Congress as well.

The second scenario is a full-blown blitz to do three things: help Trump win, help Congress remain Republican, and push both towards conservatism in any way possible. Unfortunately, “any way possible” is limited. In fact, there may be no way to make Trump shift to the right. Some will point to his Supreme Court list as an example that he can be conservative. This sentiment is naive. It’s a list of names of judges that someone else likely compiled in an effort to pander to conservatives. If any other candidate had released the list, I would cheer. This is Trump. He can and has changed his perspectives at will. This list is meaningless until someone is appointed. Based upon how he’s handled literally every other policy proposal, I would wager that the judge nominated to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat is not on this list.

Then, there’s the fall. Every pundit has been anticipating a breakdown or scandal of some sort since Trump announced his candidacy. It hasn’t happened, at least not to the point that he would lose. Every day, the chances increase. If you think that nothing is coming and that it’s safe to attach your name to the Trump brand by supporting him, may God help you when the Trump train derails. Those who have stayed true to conservatism and America will remember who drank the Kool-Aid.

By embracing Trump for the sake of unity, Republicans are increasing the likelihood that they’ll lose one or both chambers of Congress. The only way to prevent it is to support conservative candidates and to declare loudly that Donald Trump does not represent us.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

It’s Not That Trump Isn’t a Conservative. He’s Not Competent.

One of the biggest reasons that many Republicans are claiming to either reluctantly accept Donald Trump or to not accept him at all is that he isn’t a conservative. Moreover, he’s actually a liberal on nearly everything outside of immigration; Mitt Romney and John McCain appear to be right-wing extremists compared to Trump. This really isn’t the point.

As we’ve learned the last several Congressional election cycles, conservative promises usually don’t equate to conservative actions once elected. One of the biggest reasons I support Ted Cruz is that he said he’d promote conservatism during his Senatorial campaign and he kept his promise once in office. This is rare. The reason that candidates do it is simple. It works. They can talk about conservatism on the campaign trail, then act like a moderate Establishment crony for the majority of their term. Then, they start back with their conservative talk right before re-election. Republicans are so hungry for principled conservatives that they’ll listen to the pitch and cross their fingers.

The same thing is going to happen with Trump. In fact, we’re seeing it already with his release of a nice list of conservatives to potentially replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Don’t get me wrong – he’s still going to continue to shift his views to the left for the general election, but he’s the master at speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He is the only politician I’ve ever known who’s able to support both sides of an argument with ease. He’ll say the right conservative things without committing. He’ll say the right liberal things without committing. That’s his skill.

Unfortunately, America may buy into it. The GOP Establishment is already falling in line.

I’m a policy guy. I enjoy reading and analyzing policy proposals by candidates and elected officials. I usually make my decisions based upon these analyses. With Trump, it doesn’t work. He could come out as a full-blown Constitutional conservative and my opinion of him wouldn’t change for two reasons. The first is easy and needs very little explanation: I don’t trust him. Not a bit. Not an iota. He takes pride in being able to shift his positions at will. That means that absolutely nothing he says today has any meaning about his Presidency. The excuse that a man who claimed to be “very pro-choice” and supported partial-birth abortions is able to change his mind means that he can change his mind back.

The second reason is a bit more complicated. Trump is incompetent. He’s demonstrated that throughout his life. Millions of voters look at a billionaire and assume that he must be a great business man. He is not. He’s never been one. He’s a great marketer and an incredible salesman, but he’s successful in spite of his decisions. I contend that if Trump was born to a middle class family, he wouldn’t be a billionaire today. He might not even be a very successful person at all. Unlike candidates like Cruz and Marco Rubio, Trump didn’t work his way to the top. He was born on top. He was born into a real estate empire. He received “small” million dollar loans to get him started. He received more loans when he failed. Where is his success? Real estate. Where are his failures? Literally every other endeavor he’s ever attempted outside of real estate and his brand.

Trump Air took less than a Presidential term for him to completely blow it up. He was in the USFL one year before turning a thriving league with a ton of potential into a laughing stock. He built Trump Mortgage, saying that it was, in his highly intelligent opinion, a great time to get into the mortgage industry because it would be thriving for a long time to come. That was 2006 at the beginning of the mortgage crisis. Time after time, Trump demonstrates that he’s completely incapable of leading any company. How does he expect to the leader of the free world? More importantly, with a resume as horrendous as his, why would any voter be willing to risk the country on someone who has surrounded himself by failure.

The uninformed and easily-impressed wings of the Republican party have been enamored by false promises that are turning out to be lies (that they call “straight talk”) and the belief that he’s a strong man when he’s really a strongman. God help us if this man becomes President.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Either Trump Wrote His Own Press Release or He Had a 4th-Grader Do It

Under normal circumstance, we try to stick to policy in our defense of conservatism and America. Rarely do we make fun of anyone for being silly; that’s the stuff for rags like Salon or Gawker. However, the way that a Presidential candidate communicates gives us insight into how they would act if elected and Donald Trump’s self-written press release is a clear example that this man is not fit to be President.

At this point, we haven’t confirmed that it was written directly by Trump but after reading it you’ll likely come to the same conclusion:

The fact that Hillary thinks the temporary Muslim ban, which she calls the “Muslim ban”, promotes terrorism, proves Bernie Sanders was correct when he said she is not qualified to be President.

Look at the carnage all over the world including the World Trade Center, San Bernardino, Paris, the USS Cole, Brussels and an unlimited number of other places. She and our totally ignorant President won’t even use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism. And by the way, ask Hillary who blew up the plane last night – another terrible, but preventable tragedy. She has bad judgement and is unfit to serve as President at this delicate and difficult time in our country’s history.

Initially, I was going to write up a sentence-by-sentence, word-by-word analysis of why this is embarrassingly moronic. After further consideration, I’m going to leave it as it is. Either you read this and realize what it represents or you’ve already succumb to the poison in the Kool-Aid. As noted on Twitchy, this is gibberish.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Crazy Scenario Where Ted Cruz is the GOP Nominee

Yes, the comments on this post are going to be brutal. In fact, I’m not even going to promote this post. I’m just going to write it up, Tweet it out, and see what comes of it. There’s a scenario, albeit an extremely unlikely one, where Ted Cruz is the GOP nominee.

About a week ago, I started seeing things falling into place. I chalked it up as wishful thinking since, as a Cruz supporter, there was always the chance that I was simply in denial. The more I watch, the more I realize that there are two things that make me believe there’s a chance it could actually happen. The first is that circumstances favor Cruz if the tide turns against Trump at the right moment. The second is that God is sovereign; while I would never presume to know anything about His plan for America or the world other than what’s in scripture, I know for certain that nothing is impossible when His will is at play. Whoever is supposed to be President of the United States will be President of the United States. Now’s not the time for a theological discussion, but it should be noted that acknowledging God’s sovereignty is not a license to sit back and do nothing.

A few things have happened surrounding Cruz that makes the scenario work. It’s important to note here that I do not believe this is Cruz’s plan. He filed to run for re-election to the Senate in 2018. He’s been pushing for delegate control in an effort to shape the Republican platform towards conservatism. He’s travelling to various state conventions to rally support for this reason.

For various reasons, Cruz is staying in the mix and doing things that would be required for him to win the nomination even if he has no plans of doing so. By filing for re-election, he’s able to continue fundraising. Being out of the nomination race will put him two months behind the Democrats for general election fundraising. By filing now and soliciting campaign contributions, he can keep the money dripping in. More importantly, he can still maintain a small campaign staff to keep the machine warm.

His goal of a contested convention meant that he would need to accumulate delegates favorable to him for subsequent ballots. There are reports that some of his delegate victories are starting to fade and support Trump, but that’s to be expected now that he’s out of the race. If push comes to shove, they’ll support him.

One of the most important indicators that he has a chance is that he hasn’t endorsed Trump. This is important as we’ll soon see because it will need to be someone not tainted by Trump who is nominated. Of course, all of this is for naught if the single catalyst doesn’t occur at the exact right moment: Trump’s scandal, meltdown, and/or disqualifying revelation.

Since announcing his candidacy, the media and most pundits have been waiting for Trump to get wrapped up in a scandal or meltdown right before our eyes. It didn’t happen, at least not in a way that could hurt Trump. For Cruz to get the nomination, something bad will have to be revealed about Trump. A serious scandal, complete public meltdown, hidden camera recording of him saying or doing something really bad… sadly there are plenty of options that would fulfill this. We’re not talking about the feeble attack piece the NY Times posted over the weekend. We’re talking about something yuge. Whatever it is, it needs to happen right before the Republican National Convention.

One might wonder why it has to happen right before the convention. The reason is RNC rule 40b and the meddling of the GOP Establishment. Under rule 40b, a candidate can only be on the ballot if they have a majority of delegates in eight or more states. Only Cruz and Trump qualify. If the disqualifying/scandalous Trump event happens before the rules are modified, the RNC will almost certainly shift the rules to allow for more candidates on the ballot. We would see Marco Rubio and John Kasich almost certainly making a play on the floor if they’re on the ballot. We might even see someone else make a move. The Establishment will do whatever they can to prevent Cruz from getting the nod. That’s why this must transpire after the rules are finalized the week before the convention.

Another question might be why the nominee would need to be someone who didn’t endorse Trump. I’m not talking about the lukewarm acceptance that some have given him. I mean those who completely shifted from enemy to fanboy such as Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal… anyone who hopped all the way onboard the Trump train. Anyone who currently supports Trump will be tainted. Whatever the revelation is about him, it will be far-reaching. It will not just affect his candidacy. It will be like a scarlet letter painted on the chest of those who were too blinded, corrupt, or politically ambitious to see through Trump’s deceit and incompetence.

Lastly, this scenario means that Cruz would have been better served to stay in the race through to the end, right? No. He was being brutalized by Trump and his media surrogates. The damage, the scars, were starting to stick. The “Lyin’ Ted” moniker was making an impact on his own supporters even though Trump’s primary backing for it was the Iowa caucus when a campaign staffer alerted people of the Carson CNN post. Watching Trump label Cruz as a liar is like Bill Clinton attacking someone as waging a war on women, but for whatever reason Trump sold the idea that he’s honest and Cruz is not. It was important for Cruz to get out when it became clear he couldn’t prevent Trump from getting to 1,237. That’s why he dropped out shortly after the Indiana results were announced.

The chances of a Trump-proof scandal happening at the right moment are next to nil which means this article is an exercise in futility and false hope. Again, I won’t promote this story to the masses, but it was important to get it off my chest. It’s like watching a painted at work without knowing what’s being put to canvas. I’m seeing what could be if all the right things happen and I’m willing to accept it as possible even if it only has a fleeting chance. There, I said it. Now that it’s out there, I can go back to working on more realistic scenarios.

As the Cruz campaign said, no regrets.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Using the Clinton Counterarguments to Defend Trump Brings You Down to Their Level

Hillary Clinton might just be the worst serious Presidential candidate in modern history. In fact, the only person who can realistically give her a run for her money is her opposition on the Republican side, Donald Trump. This isn’t an article that will try to determine which liberal, corrupt, deceptive major party frontrunner is worse. If anything, this is free advice to Trump supporters who have a strong tendency to make the wrong arguments when attempting to defend their chosen candidate.

When points are made about Trump’s lies, liberal policies, or history of immorality, the counterargument often starts with a variation of the words, “ya, but what about Hillary?” Those of us who are pointing out Trump’s shortcomings aren’t doing so because we believe that Clinton is better. That’s the point. Clinton isn’t better than Trump and Trump isn’t better than Clinton. They’re both liberal Democrats.

The fact that Trump allegedly wants to build a wall doesn’t excuse his other policy proposals that are as destructive as Clinton’s. It definitely doesn’t excuse the radically progressive ideas that Trump has been floating about the economy. Remember, one of Trump’s “strengths” that he and his supporters have been touting is his financial acumen. Now that he’s being forced to go into more details about how he would fix the economy, he’s taking a stance that is left of Clinton. On trade, bringing back American jobs, and fighting the national debt, Trump is in lockstep with another candidate: Bernie Sanders.

The argument at this point should not be that Clinton is even worse than Trump. It isn’t just weak. It’s defeatist. Rather than using the middle school argument that “my candidate is stronger than your candidate,” Trump apologists should be leading the charge to make Trump listen to conservative reason. They should be telling him that he must stop lying if he wants to retain their vote. They should be telling him that he must not keep shifting to the left on policy proposals. Don’t make the argument that he’s the lesser of two evils. Help him to stop being one of the two evils.

With hope and gentle prodding, I encourage Trump supporters to stop playing the weakness card. You’re sounding like victims. You’re relinquishing your political muscle that has been built on conservationism and replacing it with the feeble accusations used by liberals. Stop it. If Trump is to be the President, we all need you to get him back on track rather than being his liberal enablers.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Psalm 37:4 – ‘the desires of thine heart’

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.Psalm 37:4 (KJV)

For such a wonderful an important verse of the Bible, it’s a shame that it is often misunderstood and used to deliver a perverse message. The prosperity gospel, a false gospel promoted by so many teachers around the world, uses this verse to convince people that if they love the Lord and do good works, that they’ll get the desires of their heart. This is incomplete.

The desires of the heart are evil. We want money. We want things of this world. The desires of our heart are anchored by the carnal desires of the flesh. That’s not what this verse is describing. To understand it, we need to look in context.

Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.

For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

Trust. Delight. Commit. These are instructions for us to give unto the Lord. “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him.” In other words, we aren’t to love the Lord in order to receive the desires of our human hearts. When we give all of our trust, delight, and commitment to the Lord, the desires of our heart can change. Sadly, we can never do it fully. Our sin nature loves the world. This inability for any man to be good or righteous in the eyes of the Lord made it a requirement for Yeshua to be the only unblemished sacrificial lamb to atone for our sins and our sin nature.

The desires of our heart would be different if we were capable of embracing all that the Lord offers us, but we cannot. This brings up two questions. First, if we are incapable of doing it, why would it be instructed in the Bible? The Psalmist wasn’t stating an impossibility. He was alerting us to what could be achieved prior to the revelation that no man can achieve it. No man is righteous. No, not one. That doesn’t mean that the promise made to the righteous one doesn’t exist.

The second question that it brings to mind is that if we are incapable of fully embracing all that God wants us to embrace, why embrace any of it at all. That’s a much more complex answer, but it’s also simpler from a different perspective. We won’t go into the hard answer right now, but the easy answer is that God instructs us to do it. If He’s our Father, we must try to obey even if we are incapable of achieving it completely.

The one thing this verse does not tell us is that if we love God and we’re good people, that we’ll get the things of this world that our heart desires. Only when our hearts do not desire the things of this world will our heart’s desires be realized.

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