Friday, April 29, 2016

Reconstituting America

When considering the things that have made America the most prosperous and powerful nation in the history of the planet, there are many options. Some would say it’s the people and our embrace (albeit reluctant at times) of diversity that built this nation of immigrants. Others might point to serendipity; we are rich with natural resources and favorable conditions through which a nation can flourish. There is, of course, a spirit of excellence that has been instilled in our leadership since the first Lieutenant ordered men to attack the British in the Revolutionary War.

All of these are true and have been driven by one force: the Will of God. Before you click away, this is not going to be a preachy article. It’s important for those who believe to never lose sight of our Father as the reason for all of our blessings. Even if you’re not a believer, the only difference in understanding our greatness would be the source. Whether by divine intervention or a fortuitous set of circumstances coming together over the last 240 years, America is still the greatest country in the world because of one gift from our founders: the Constitution.

Liberals and populists often view the Constitution as an outdated document that couldn’t possibly be flawless today. They would be wrong. The guiding tenets and specific rules set forth in the Constitution were written for all time by men who had experience with living under tyranny. They had a clear understanding of the potential for governments to be corrupted by power, so they established a set of checks and balances that would keep the power from being centralized. They knew that government has within its nature the desire to grow and that even with the best intentions, too much power invariably leads to reduction or destruction of individual liberties. They knew how precious freedom is and they realized that it must always be protected above nearly all other principles.

The Constitution isn’t perfect, but it’s flawless. Some will, at this point, try to point out the flaws within the Constitution that needed to be amended, but that in itself is a testimony to the flawless nature of the Constitution. You see, there’s a reason that Constitutional Amendments are so few and far between. If they were easy to achieve, the desire to make changes for the sake of a generation’s situation would be too strong to ignore even if that change could hurt in the future. The ability for the Constitution to be corrected based upon a super-majority in Congress or the states meant that it had the power to evolve at the proper pace. Changes cannot be frivolous, but they also cannot be impossible. This is one of the most beautiful gifts the founders gave to all generations that followed them.

For over two decades, a large portion of the population has been indoctrinated to favor a belief in downplaying the importance of the Constitution. There are many reasons that this is happening, but the two most prominent are systematic. First, there is the shifting of values that liberals have been pushing harder and harder since Ronald Reagan left the White House. This shift has been spiked by the Obama administration and manifests in nationwide gay marriage (which should be a state issue), superseding of 1st Amendment rights such as religious liberty, and most recently the willingness to endanger women and children for the sake of being sensitive to someone’s lifestyle choices. This has all been expected and it represents the constant battle that must be fought between conservatism and liberalism. It’s a dialogue that can be healthy for a nation that is so culturally diverse. If it were the only battle, there wouldn’t really be a problem.

Unfortunately, it’s not in a bubble. There’s another issue that’s much worse. Conservatism is being downgraded within the Republican party itself to the point that it’s now considered the fringe. There has always been a battle between “the Establishment” and/or “the Neocons” versus the Constitutional conservatives, but the corruption of big government Republicans solidifying power through the media, lobbyists, and big business cronyism has pushed the party further to the left than it has ever been.

The pledge to defend the Constitution, once considered a doctrine of public service, has been relegated to a portion of the formality required to grab the spoils of political victory. The promises politicians make to govern within the bounds of the Constitution used to be a clarion call that guided leaders in the Republican party. Today, it’s simply an applause line during campaign rallies that holds no sway over most once they assume office.

Reconstituting America is a task that must be undertaken now. It’s two-fold. First, we must return to the Constitutional bounds of governance that will keep the nation aligned away from the corruption that has seeped into Washington DC. Second, we must take those components of government that are broken and either fix or eliminate them. There’s too much government. It’s engulfing our freedoms and spitting out the chewed up remains in the gutters along K Street. Two decades of decadence have left the country on the verge of collapse that so few people see coming. Some are sitting around enjoying our iPads and sipping on Mai Tais while our foundation erodes beneath us. Others are being crushed by their financial burdens, unable to see the troubles coming around the corner because they have to feed their families this afternoon. Still others are bent on our own destruction from within. The country must be reconstituted and the only way to do this is by electing leaders who will live by the principles that brought us to this point of prosperity in the first place.

The fight against the left will always be there. The fight from within the Republican party must be won now, today, because without the banner of conservatism, the GOP is no better than the Democratic party. This is why I refuse to support Donald Trump. Beyond the stump speeches and promises to build his wall, the doctrines of liberalism that he espouses are more suitable for the Democratic party than the party of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan.

There are so few Constitutional conservatives in Congress today; out of 535 men and women on Capitol Hill, less than 50 of them are true Constitutionalists. Ted Cruz is one of them. Of the candidates remaining, only Cruz has the ideology and the plan to reconstitute America.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

First harvest of the season.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Didn’t Like Trump BEFORE His Foreign Policy Debacle. Now, I’m terrified.

Seven months ago, Donald Trump was exposed as having pretty much no idea how foreign policy works. It’s not just that he didn’t know the names of countries or leaders; that can be corrected. After all, it’s been 47 years since he had to study up on anything outside of real estate and multi-level marketing schemes, so we can assume that he’ll get up to speed…

…or can he?

His famous slips of not knowing that China wasn’t part of TPP or that the nuclear triad was more than just about “devastation” are some of the reasons why he doesn’t like to debate, but his speech today about his foreign policy plans should have been easy. He was reading from a teleprompter. We can forgive that he didn’t know how to pronounce Tanzania. We can forgive that he promised no details and delivered on that promise with flying colors. What we cannot forgive is that his speech, unhindered by the pressure of questions or memorization, was a complete and utter debacle.

He doesn’t know much, but what he does know is wrong. I had to turn it off after a little while to catch my breath and bring my blood pressure down. As Spectator put it, he was acting like someone who had crammed for a high school history quiz. It was incoherent and designed to sound more like a rah-rah stump speech than a statement of how he would lead the country if elected President.

Here’s what we know:

  • He’s going to maintain a strong posture at all times. Those of us old enough to remember Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy know that he knew when to be strong and when to be friendly. Trump apparently only knows strength which will not benefit us at all in east Africa or southeast Asia where a steady and helpful hand is more important than being puffed up.
  • Being unpredictable is apparently a good thing to Trump. It’s not. This isn’t business. He’s not going to be running North Korea where being a wildcard is a good thing. Back to Reagan, his foreign policy was extremely predictable. That afforded him the ability to keep troops at home because knowing how he would react to situations often prevented them from happening.
  • America first! This is a rallying cry for, well, a rally. It’s great for the stump. It’s terrible for foreign policy. It’s a message to the world that we’re not going to operate as the leader within a global community. This is important to understand: there’s a huge difference between being a globalist and leading the global community. I’m not suggesting that we don’t put America first. In fact, every country puts itself above every other country. However, his extreme perspectives and gumption surrounding the concept are designed for getting his supporters pumped up. These supporters, as important as they are for getting elected, have absolutely no idea what it takes to keep America at the top. We want the United States to be the mayor of the figurative global city, not the mob boss undermining everything that other nations want.

There are other takeaways covered in multiple links on News Watch, but those are the big standouts for me.

It’s one thing to go in not knowing foreign policy. It’s another thing altogether to believe that you know when you don’t. Donald Trump’s naivety would be the downfall of this nation if elected. That’s not hyperbole. He’s completely inadequate for this role.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Last Leg Begins with Indiana, the Crossroads of America

As expected, Donald Trump swept the Northeast states. It’s important to understand that it was expected because it means that nothing has changed in the math. For Trump to get to 1,237, he needs to win in Indiana.

What this really means is that for Ted Cruz to stay alive, he must win Indiana. He needs to win most the state delegates which are winner-takes-all. He needs to win most of the congressional districts which are also winner-takes-all. If he can do this, then the rest of the schedule favors a contested convention and therefore a Cruz nomination.

I’ll keep this short: If you’re a Cruz supporter, now is the time. This is it. Do or die. Make or break. He needs every ounce of support possible. Share on social media. Donate to his campaign. If you live in Indiana, read up everything you can about him and make the pitch to your Republican friends.

If you’re a Trump supporter, disregard. Trump already his it locked up, right? Go about your regular business.

If you’re a John Kasich supporter, reread the Constitution and switch your vote to Cruz.

Indiana is either the final battleground if Trump wins or the start of the final push for Cruz if he wins. From there, the circus comes to towns in Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, and Washington before the five state finish in June which includes all-important California. For the first time in my lifetime, California may decide the fate of the Republican party and the country.

This is going to be fun!

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Planned Parenthood and the art of manipulation

Cecile Richardson

There are three things that Planned Parenthood is good at – 1 good thing and 2 bad things. They’re good at women’s health as long as it doesn’t pertain to babies. They’re bad when it comes to recommending and performing abortions and in manipulating the press (and therefore, the perspectives from the general population).

The latest manipulation comes from CEO Cecile Richardson as she tries to compare promoting abortion to fighting racism:

In this day and age, there are two awakenings. The first is the awakening happening among Bible-believing Christians that it’s time to fight the mess that’s coming at us from every angle. The second is the awaking of the inner evils that are justifying the types of manipulations we’re seeing from Planned Parenthood.

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If He Can’t Man Up Against Cruz, How Will He Handle Other World Leaders? #MakeDonaldDebateAgain

After losing every debate he’s been in, Donald Trump is obviously reluctant to debate Ted Cruz. He has the lead and he lacks understanding of the issues, so conventional wisdom dictates that he should avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately, he also desperately needs the practice.

By Donald’s estimation, he’s won every debate. Of course, he refers to the “online polls” as he puts it, citing Trump-friendly Drudge Report and other “polls” that rely on mob fanboyism rather than analysis and intellect. The truth is that whenever he’s away from the stump or one of his Trump-friendly interviewers, he’s vulnerable.

What Donald and America need to realize is that operating as a leader on the world stage does not offer the safe havens he’s accustomed to during this campaign. He’ll need to be quick on his feet, knowledgeable about foreign policy, and cunning in his deliveries. Stump speeches won’t work on Vladimir Putin. He won’t be answering softball questions when facing Xi Jinping. The Middle East is not another real estate deal. If any candidate needs to be debating more in an effort to prepare himself for the role of President of the United States, it’s Donald.

There are two debates being scheduled ahead of the Indiana primary. Cruz has accepted both invitations according to his website:

“Today marks forty-six days since the last Republican debate,” said Cruz. “Forty-six days. A month and a half. The Democrats have debated. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have showed the respect the voters are due by subjecting themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. Indeed, the Democrats are talking about scheduling a second debate, and yet Donald Trump continues to cower in Trump Tower, afraid to defend his positions. The reason he’s been afraid to do so is he has no answer when he’s asked how to bring jobs back to America. He has no answer when he’s asked how to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorism. This is a serious time. The American people want and deserve a serious leader focused on jobs, freedom, and security. That’s exactly what I will be and what I will do as President.”

As of the writing of this article, Trump hasn’t accepted either.

We strongly encourage everyone to spread the word. Tweet this article to help get this hashtag trending. The narrative is focused on Trump’s big wins in the northeast. It must be shifted to the meat of the matter – the need for Donald to debate – regardless of whether you’re a Cruz or Trump supporter.

If Trump is as good as his supporters think he is, then he should be practicing for Hillary by debating as often as possible. If he’s going to be President, he needs to practice operating in an hostile environment that is less harrowing than the ones he’ll face from the Oval Office.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Cruz-Kasich Ticket is Intriguing but Unlikely

I don’t like John Kasich as a politician. I don’t know him personally, but as a conservative it’s hard for me to imagine ever voting for a ticket that included him. Then again, this is a strange election cycle so ruling out anything is naive.

The announcement that Ted Cruz is going to suspend his campaign in New Mexico and Oregon while Kasich will suspend in Indiana has drawn the natural speculation of how deep the deal goes between the two non-Trumps left in the GOP race. Based upon what we know so far and in reading between the lines, it’s very likely that this can all be taken at face value. Kasich has no chance of getting a single delegate in winner-take-all Indiana and Cruz will get delegates in proportional Oregon and New Mexico whether he campaigns there or not.

Then again, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Here’s why it would make sense:

  • Kasich can help tremendously in Ohio, the “must win” state for the Presidency.
  • Cruz could use balance on the ticket (not that I want balance, but for general election voters having two rock-ribbed conservatives could be spooky).
  • Combined delegates at the convention would make Trump’s defeat on the second ballot more palatable to his supporters. That’s not really how it works, of course, as Kasich throwing his weight behind Cruz does not bind delegates to vote for him, but the perception is important.
  • It could prevent a Trump-Kasich ticket which may be the only way that Trump would have a chance on a second ballot.

We won’t bring up the Marco Rubio factor. If he were to become Trump’s VP, it would complicate things. Personally, I’d rather see him over Kasich on a Cruz ticket, but I don’t have a say in the matter.

One might wonder how those of us who really don’t like left-leaning Kasich could possibly accept him as VP. Here’s the thing, and this is important to understand: a Vice President is like a backup quarterback. They don’t see much action unless the big guy goes down. The actual duties of the Vice President are minimal. They wield less power than most cabinet positions. I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable if, God forbid, Cruz won the election and then something happened to him that put Kasich in the big chair, but if it’s what it takes to win the nomination and election, it’s a chance worth taking.

The speculation will be broad going forward. Trump and his surrogates will whine about it all being unfair and desperate; no big surprise there. At the end of the day, this is likely just a pair of candidates doing what they think is best to help them win the nomination.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Growing False Narrative in the Media is the Only Thing that can Stop Ted Cruz

This has been an exceptional Presidential nomination cycle. On both sides, it’s really unlike anything we’ve seen in the modern era. The likely GOP candidate to reach the magic number of 1,237 is Ted Cruz. You probably haven’t heard that very much in the news. This is being done by design.

The false narrative that has been building up since before the first vote was cast in Iowa is that Cruz doesn’t have a proper path to the nomination. Nearly all of the talking heads in mainstream media were declaring that Marco Rubio was on track to be the nominee after finishing THIRD in Iowa. Then, we fast forward to each subsequent caucus and primary and the talking points have been divided into two choices depending on how Cruz did. If he won, he was expected to win. If he lost, he’s toast. After Donald Trump’s big victory in New York, the drums have been beating as loudly as possible from the media that he’s the presumptive nominee.

That’s the narrative they want to build. The Republican Establishment, the Democrats, and the mainstream media all want us to believe that Cruz cannot win. It’s a false narrative being built for different reasons. For the Republicans, the fear of a Cruz Presidency is practically debilitating to them. Many are coming to grips with the idea that they’d rather rebuild in four years from a Trump loss in the general election than face being exposed for the big government crony capitalist moderates that they are if Cruz wins the White House. The Democrats would much rather have Hillary Clinton face Trump because he’s the only candidate who is more corrupt and less likable than she is. The media backs the Democrats. All anti-conservative weapons are being pointed squarely at Cruz.

Here’s the reality. If Cruz can win Indiana and stay close or even beat Trump in California, it’s virtually impossible for Trump to get 1,237 delegates on the first ballot. If it goes to a second ballot, Cruz’s chances of getting to 1,237 are much higher than Trump’s. New York didn’t change that. Trump’s upcoming victories in the Northeast states on Tuesday won’t change that, either. Indiana will decide whether the race continues. After that, California will decide the outcome.

Cruz will win Indiana unless the media can make their false narrative stick. Polls show it to be close. In fact, they’re very similar to Iowa before Cruz came in and won. That was a caucus state, so we can’t really count on the same results, but the most demographically similar state to Indiana is Wisconsin which Cruz won handily.

California is a different story, but at this point in the race the polls are worthless. We have over a month until then. Early voting starts shortly after Indiana results are in, so a win becomes even more important for Cruz.

With all of this understood, there’s only one conclusion for Cruz supporters: keep fighting tooth and nail. Don’t listen to the mainstream media’s narrative. Don’t lose hope. Cruz has run an incredible campaign and his strength in delegates will result in the nomination as long as we can keep the pressure up, win in Indiana, and do well in California. All of the other states are pretty much set.

As Trump’s policies keep shifting to the left, Republicans are starting to realize that he’s a Democrat clothed in the singular conservative principle of building a wall (which Cruz has wanted to do since 2012). We need to persevere through the lies being told by the media and remain resolute in our convictions to make the last conservative in the race the next GOP nominee.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trump Needs a #GOPdebate to get to 1237. Why Wont He?

If you listen to mainstream media, Donald Trump has the nomination all but wrapped up. The drumbeat of Trump’s foregone nomination is incessant and will grow louder next week when he wins all five primaries on Tuesday. Then, the primary pushes west for the final leg of this long race. Once it heads west, most of the primaries favor Ted Cruz.

Trump has been riding a wave of sympathy and, of course, anger ever since he and his media minions started chanting about how unfair and rigged the delegate process is. I won’t even get started on the lunacy of that narrative. However, if Cruz is able to win Indiana and at least five of the nine districts, he’s well positioned to prevent Trump from getting to 1,237 before the convention. With a contested convention, Cruz is currently the favorite. It’s for this reason that Trump needs a debate. He needs to show his chops man-to-man against Cruz (and no, John Kasich should not be invited).

Why is he ducking?

Most will say one of two things depending on which side they’re on. Trump supporters will say that since he’s so far ahead, he has no reason to debate. This is a lame excuse; Hillary Clinton is further ahead of Bernie Sanders and their last debate was a week ago. Cruz supporters will say that Trump is scared. I won’t discount it completely since he’s exposed nearly every time he’s pressed on actual policy issues, but I think it’s more than that. I don’t think Trump is scared of being exposed because from Trump’s perspective his weaknesses can be turned into strengths. For example, his exchange about placing tariffs on Chinese imports was a combination of idiotic math and Sandersesque trade policy that left every debater foaming at the mouth trying to chime in and call him a fool. The moderator pretty much called him a fool. He changed his own story a couple of times within a couple of minutes. The next day, his poll numbers went up.

I don’t think he’s scared of being exposed as much as he’s worried about being made to look foolish. There’s a difference. Cruz landed a few powerful blows on Trump in the most recent debates. Those blows didn’t so much hurt Trump’s polling numbers as much as they hurt his ego.

Then, there’s the fatigue issue. Trump seems to be getting tired. It’s been a long campaign season and while he’s always been a dynamic business leader and seems to be extremely healthy, he’s also showing signs of wearing down. It’s subtle, especially for those of us who have been watching him very closely from the beginning, but it’s noticeable if you pay attention. He seems to need to try harder to answer questions in interviews. He’s had a few gaffes lately such as referring to the September 11 terrorist attacks as 7-Eleven and saying that the system is bad on “our side” but even worse on “the Republican side.”

In essence, I don’t believe he enjoys debates at all. He doesn’t like debate prep. He doesn’t like standing for long periods of time. He doesn’t like having his thoughts and words called into question in front of a national television audience. He doesn’t like sharing a stage.

No, Trump isn’t scared. He might be a little reluctant to face Cruz, but it’s less out of fear than out of fatigue and the lack of enjoyment he feels before, during, and after debates. He’ll take a podium and fawning crowds over a hostile situation any day.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

In This Tumultuous Political Season Cruz Supporters Must Have Faith and Courage

I have the pleasure of being in California, the state that will likely determine if Donald Trump gets to 1,237 before the convention or if we’ll have a contested convention. By this time in the nomination process, the delegates are pretty much wrapped up, so for the first time since moving out west I’m going to have a say in a Presidential election.

Ted Cruz is the man that I believe should be the next President. I write articles, make videos, and communicate with people online throughout the day in an attempt to do my part in making him the GOP nominee. One of the most exciting moments in my political pastime (it’s more of a hobby than a profession) was when Cruz announced he was officially running. I felt drawn to him before any major campaigns were launched and seeing him launch his first gave me the early gumption to push forward working in the background to help him.

It’s important to understand this because during this political season, tensions are much higher than I’ve ever seen during an election. I was too young to experience Ronald Reagan’s attempted coup of the Republican nomination in 1976, but I’ve watched every other nomination cycle since and it’s clear that we haven’t seen anything like this in the modern era. As I posted on another site, the candidates on both sides of the aisle are fighting so ferociously that the hatred for other voters within the same party is remarkable. There are many strong Cruz supporters who will be emotionally affected if he doesn’t win. The same can be said about Trump supporters.

As for me, I’ll be disappointed for a few moments. Then, I’ll move forward without an ounce of anger, sadness, or disappointment lingering. That’s the plan, at least. As invested as I am in helping Cruz, I am exponentially more invested in God’s plan for me, my family, this country, and the world.

If God’s plan is for Cruz to win, he will. If God’s plan is for me to be the GOP nominee, He could make that happen. The wonders of having an omnipotent Father who knows the beginning from the end is that His Will is all that matters. Knowing that He will elevate our next leader into that position does not take away our responsibility (more on that later) but it does remove any and all need to be upset by the outcome, whatever that outcome might be. Yes, even a Trump Presidency.

We know that He can do anything. We don’t know what He will do and it could be a long time before we know why He does what He’s going to do with this election. I’ll reference a point I made in an article on the lessons from the Book of Daniel that is relevant to our current political situation. In Daniel 3:17-18, we see that there’s a difference between acknowledging that God’s Will is absolute and knowing that we have no idea how His Will acts in our lives.

17 If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.

18 But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

They knew that even in the face of certain death, God could save them. That’s the faith that we need. They also knew that it was His choice, His plan, that determined whether or not their desired outcome would come to pass. That’s the courage that we need.

This is absolutely, under no circumstances, a license to not act. If through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are compelled to support any candidate, we must act. The fact that the outcome of the election is in God’s hands doesn’t give us an excuse to not do our part. As God’s children, we are active participants in God’s plan. As God’s children, we must also continue to act appropriately if the outcome that we desired does not come to pass.

Two things must happen. We must have the faith to not lose hope until the very end. For Cruz supporters, that means pushing forward until the nomination is secured. If he wins, the new battle begins. If he is defeated, we much have the courage to push in the new direction that God lays out before us. This is a time for discernment in politics. It’s needed desperately now, perhaps more than ever.

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