Thursday, November 2, 2017

Date night.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

What the Federalist Party needs to do to get to Washington DC

For the last three days, I’ve been traveling. The long flights between Southern California and Washington DC were worth it after a handful of very productive meetings. They gave us direction on the next steps necessary for the Federalist Party to make an impact sooner than expected.

Read the rest on the Federalist website.

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Since I didn't have time (nor desire) for sightseeing while in DC, figured I'd get my obligatory selfie from an Uber on the way to the airport.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

The best way to cover the news: NOQ Report

It’s no secret I’ve had many projects in the works lately. Between the Federalist Party, The New Americana, and expanding the family, my days have been loaded from the moment I wake up until the moment I pass out. Why start something else? It’s necessary.

Two weeks ago, we did a soft launch on NOQ Report. This has been percolating for a while between me and Steve Berman, the managing editor for both TNA and NOQ. Conservative media has become a parody of itself in many ways. Most sites are very spammy. Some of them are so loaded with advertisements it’s hard to read the news without closing popups, popunders, popsideways, all the while ignoring semi-pornographc ads plastered everywhere.

Then, there’s the identity crisis that’s been happening in conservative media. Some sites are very pro-Trump. Others are very pro-GOP. Most get confused between the two, not sure which direction to point since it seems like neither Trump nor the GOP itself are heading in a conservative direction on most issues. Throw in the rise of the alt-right and the confusing distinctions between nationalism and white nationalism and it’s easy to see the conservative media crisis that wasn’t prepared to do anything other than oppose Barack Obama. With the enemy out of the way, most conservative media sites are floundering.

NOQ Report is designed to fix that, but it’s more than just making conservative media better. We wanted to try a modern way to present the news itself. NOQ stands for News, Opinions, and Quotes. Here’s what we came up with to improve conservative media through NOQ Report:

  • News: Standard operating procedure for most conservative media sites is to take news from mainstream media and regurgitate it with a conservative spin. There are very few conservative news originators; most sites pull reports and then retell the story. We aren’t in a position (yet) to have a robust origination department, though we do have some strong writers out there looking for fresh news. Instead, NOQ aims to tell the WHOLE story with four basic sections to our news stories. The first part is standard – tell the basic story. The next section, Perspectives, pulls from hundreds of various sources and curates them for our readers. Then, we get Reactions pulled from social media. Lastly, we have our Final Thoughts to wrap it all up.
  • Opinions: The key to having a great opinions-section is great writers. We’ve got them. We didn’t stop there, though. Our opinions section is going to avoid the editorial narrative that’s associated with the vast majority of publications. Our writers have free reins.
  • Quotes: There are plenty of sites that highlight quotes of historical figures. We’ll focus on quotes from today. What are the players saying? How does it affect everyone? This will be a very important section because it gives readers plenty to share on social media.

Things don’t always go as planned. NOQ was supposed to get started next year, but a DDoS attack on The New Americana forced us to move things up. We needed money to get it going. We still need money to keep it rolling (hint, hint). So far, it’s working out nicely.

Conservative media is in need of an upgrade. NOQ Report will deliver that. Check it out, subscribe, and spread the word. America needs it.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

John Kelly is keeping Omarosa Manigault away from Trump with White House “no-fly list”

Some have said that Chief of Staff John Kelly is in a position to save the presidency. Getting rid of “The Mooch” was a great move and he may have just made an even better one.

Fox News is reporting that Omarosa Manigault has become the most prominent name on Kelly’s so-called “no-fly list,” a designation that’s intended to limit President Trump’s exposure to people Kelly deems to be bad influences. A senior White House official adamantly denied the report, calling it “completely false.”

I hope it’s not false. Omarosa, a lifetime Democrat, has not contributed positively to the White House as far as I can tell. The biggest impact she’s made so far was when she clashed with media last month. Otherwise, her skills seem to be lacking.

Last month, Manigault, who is the director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison, clashed with a veteran news anchor during a panel discussion on policing in black communities held at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in New Orleans.

Her conversation with anchor Ed Gordon became testy when he attempted to question her on President Donald Trump’s policies around policing in communities of color. Trump had recently said some police officers were too courteous to suspects when arresting them.

The conversation quickly escalated into a tense exchange before Manigault left the stage. Several people in the audience, which included non-journalists, turned their backs in protest during the discussion.

“If you want to ask about the loss of my father and my brother and the issues I do, ask about my story,” she told Gordon. “I’m not going to stand here and defend every single word and statement. Ask questions about me or my father and brother.”

Here’s hoping the reports are true. The best thing for the President and the nation is if he’s kept insulated from leftist voices as much as possible.

Read more on Fox News.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Ann Coulter is finally learning what conservative Trump critics have known all along

We were surprised at the time during the primaries when Ann Coulter turned completely around on Ted Cruz whom she supported as a Senator before he became a presidential candidate. When she was one of Donald Trump’s early supporters, it became clear why she’d turned on Cruz. When her book came out, everything became clear.

Now, the woman who literally wrote the book on trusting Trump is showing signs that her trust may have been inappropriately distributed. In a pair of Tweets, her regret is apparent and painful. The first came a few days ago when she responded to the President’s betrayal on DACA – first rescinding it then telling Congress to fix it:

The second came a couple days later when her snark came out in full force, noting the border wall that was the centerpiece of Trump’s campaign was nowhere to be seen:

Since these Tweets, she’s been pretty tame about it all. In fact, she seems to be blaming everyone around Trump instead of the man himself.

There’s nothing wrong with giving people second chances, but the clear lack of discernment on Coulter’s part as well as those who supported him wholeheartedly throughout the campaign is telling. Some of us voted for him reluctantly (I did) but the ones who made him the nominee in the first place should be held to account.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Trump and the Democrats want to eliminate the debt ceiling. Where’s the outrage?

Eliminating the debt ceiling is a very bad idea. Every time we approach it, the public is alerted of the size of government. Most won’t pay attention and many who do simply won’t care, but it’s something. Moreover, it can be used as leverage to push forward other pieces of legislation. While we’re not in favor of a system that works like this, having the debt ceiling as a tool is better than not until we’re able to fix the system entirely.

The funny part is this was actually inadvertently predicted by the Federalist Party. They were being sarcastic when they Tweeted this:

The next day, it became a thing. According to Chicago Tribune:

The U.S. government spends more money than it brings in through taxes and fees, and it covers that gap by issuing debt to borrow money. The government can only borrow money up to a certain limit, known as the debt limit or the debt ceiling. The government routinely bumps up against this ceiling, requiring Congress to raise it again and again. These votes are often politicized and can cause panic among investors.

If the debt ceiling is to be abolished, the last barrier (albeit a thin one) to perpetual government expansion and DC fiscal overreach will have been eliminated.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

If rescinding DACA is leverage for securing the border, I’m okay with that

Anyone who follows me knows I’ve been unapologetic about my stance that DACA should be rescinded and not replaced. It’s cruel that DREAMers will have their lives turned upside down which is why I was opposed to the notion from the moment President Obama signed it. Why give them false hope knowing it would be taken away by the next President or the Supreme Court, whoever got to it first?

I’m disappointed in myself for not seeing the play here with DACA. If what seems to be happening is allowed to move forward to its proper conclusion, then all of this was worth it. The play that’s materializing is a legislative replacement for DACA that allows DREAMers to stay in exchange for moves to secure the border. If that’s the play the GOP is calling, I can support it for now. There’s no way to know if its worthy or not until we see the end result, but I like the direction this is heading.

All things being equal, I’d love to see the GOP negotiate a deal that legalizes DACA in exchange for several border-securing initiatives. I’m probably asking for too much, but one can dream, right?

The reality of the situation is that DACA encourages illegal immigration. Therefore, if we’re to keep it in a legal manner, we must do so with the border properly secured. Democrats love to say getting rid of DACA will hurt 800,000 innocent people. They seem to gloss over the fact that our porous borders allowed 800,000 DACA-eligible children and their families to enter the United States illegally. That’s more than the entire population of 5 U.S. states.

We are a sovereign nation. That status can change faster than most realize if we don’t take the steps to secure our borders, fix legal immigration, and protect the freedoms that all Americans have. I’ll probably be called a white nationalist for thinking these things, which is funny because I’m actually an immigrant brought here as a child through proper legal means. The system can work if people would stop breaking it.

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Why I’m rooting AGAINST Jim Bridenstine for NASA

I’m a huge fan of Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine. He’s a staunch conservative. He’s an Okie. He’s fearless in his battles against the Establishment. For these and many other reasons, I really hope he doesn’t join the Trump administration to lead NASA.

Pulling a strong federalism-minded conservative like Jim Bridenstine out of Congress to put him in charge of NASA is like when Michael Jordan quit basketball to play baseball. Sure, he could do it pretty well, but he could have a heck of a lot more impact on the floor.

I was okay with President Trump pulling Mick Mulvaney out of Congress because he was a great fit to build (or rather, unbuild) the budget, but Bridenstine can’t do a whole lot at NASA that will actually affect most Americans. His background fits; he was executive director for the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and was endorsed by the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. Nevertheless, I want him in Congress.

All things being equal, I’ll accept it if he takes this “promotion.” It just seems like the Establishment will do whatever it takes to get small-government proponents out of Congress. Hopefully he can help defend the Constitution from Cape Canaveral.

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