Friday, November 27, 2015

Showing Real Support for Law Enforcement Means Condemning When One of Them Goes Rogue

Having anti-police sentiment is too rampant in American society. All too often, the bad guys are awarded martyr status and the cops who rightfully take them down are condemned. We must support the law enforcement officers who are protecting us, but that means calling out when one of them commits a crime.

Blind support is not proper support. We must be unwavering in our support for law enforcement and that means not supporting those who do wrong. That seems to be the case in Chicago where a police officer shot a teen armed with a knife 16 times. The situation was tense but if there was a time when a stun gun was appropriate, this was it.

Dashcam video released this week shows that Laquan McDonald was armed and dangerous. He was walking around the streets with a weapon acting erratically after an alleged robbery. He needed to be stopped. He just didn’t need to be killed.

Charges have been filed and we won’t know the outcome until Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke has his day in court, but the initial response to the video seems to be righteous. It did not appear that McDonald was lunging or acting as a direct threat to anyone. He was clearly disobeying commands and should have been stunned.

We are completely supportive of law enforcement. We believe in and are grateful for their protection. When things go wrong and officers act criminally, we have to show our support through condemnation of heinous acts.

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If the Islamic State Infiltrates Syrian Refugees, They’ll Come Through Canada

With so much attention being given to the risks of Middle East refugees having Islamic State sympathizers or active terrorists in their midst, it’s amazing that the most vulnerable point for the United States is not being discussed. Politicians are acting to stop refugees from entering directly and attention is being paid to the southern border, but it’s the border with Canada that is by far the biggest risk for incursion.

There are three major problems that should have conscientious Americans looking to the north. None of the three issues are currently even on the radar as a concern, at least not in mainstream media. Let’s look at them:

1. Canada is Bringing in 25,000 Refugees and Their Vetting Process Sucks

In America, the expectation is that around half of the applicants for refugee status will be rejected. The vetting process the Obama administration has enacted is rigorous by some standards but still isn’t considered strong enough to screen terrorists. As bad as we think it is here, it’s much worse in Canada.

Keep in mind that the 90% mark they describe is a goal. They want to achieve 90% acceptance rate as a way of making things tougher. Seriously. In the last 22 months, they’ve had 1,128 cases and have rejected two for a 99% acceptance rate.

They will be bringing in 10,000 refugees before the end of the year and another 15,000 by the end of February.

2. The Border is Huge

It’s extremely challenging to cover all of the land that divides the United States from Mexico. Canada’s border with the United States is twice as large even if you don’t include Alaska. The land is also more hospitable for crossing, meaning that there are far more entry points that an Islamic State sympathizer or full-blown terrorist could use to gain access to America.

US Canada Border

This goes both ways as well. We have to assume that the Islamic State is smart. They’ve demonstrated their abilities in the last couple of months with very challenging terrorist attacks in France, Egypt, and Lebanon. With this understood and based upon the vastness of the border, it wouldn’t be hard for them to use Canada as a staging ground where they can store supplies outside of the reach of US law enforcement.

3. The Border is Even Less Protected than the Mexican Border

There is no question that the 18,000 border agents covering the Mexican border are undermanned. They are spread so thin that the border is extremely porous, accounting for millions of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

To the north, where fewer people have been considered a risk of entering the country illegally, there are only 2,200 border agents. We haven’t heard of plans to increase these numbers once the thousands of Middle East refugees come to Canada later this year and early next year.

If you do the math, that means that about 88% fewer agents are trying to cover a border twice as large as the one to the south.

It isn’t just the government that is watching the border. We briefly covered a brave set of Americans who were helping in Arizona and we know there are other citizen groups who help out at the Mexican border. Now, more are starting to watch out for the northern border as well.

Unfortunately, we only really hear about this through Canadian media. American mainstream media is all but silent on the issue.

Do not underestimate the Islamic State the way so many world leaders (including our own) has done. Yes, we need to do something to help the refugees and there are possible plans that make perfect sense. However, blocking them from coming to the United States directly will not stop them completely if the Canadian border is left unprotected. Since we know that the Islamic State is smart, isn’t it prudent to realize that they would have thought of the Canada holes already?

Even if you’re not opposed to accepting refugees, the combination of an unprotected northern border and 25,000 unvetted refugees coming to Canada should make you wonder why nobody’s talking about this.

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Ted Cruz is ‘not the establishment but doesn’t need on-the-job training’

There are many of us, perhaps millions, who believe that the Republican party as a governing force has been the lesser of two evils. We fear what the Democrats are doing to destroy the country but we’re angry about what the Republicans aren’t doing to repair the damage. This is why Donald Trump and Ben Carson have been so popular. It’s why so many people are willing to tell pollsters that they support either of the anti-establishment candidates.

Thankfully, there’s a third candidate who would stand in stark contrast to the ineffective Republican Establishment that has been harming the party and not fixing the country appropriately for the last decade. No, I’m not referring to Carly Fiorina, a candidate who has a lot of positive qualities but who doesn’t possess the truly conservative ideology necessary to fix the problems. As regular readers are likely aware, I’m referring to Senator Ted Cruz.

In an article on National Review that referred to another article on Politico, I saw a quote from a diligent and conscientious conservative that really hit home about what I’ve been feeling the last few months. The author, Jay Nordlinger, ended up singling out the exact line that caught my attention as well. It was from Iowa voter Marilu Erdahl who drove 2.5 hours to be at the event so she could decide who would earn her vote.

“We need someone who knows the ropes, who’s not the establishment but who doesn’t need on-the-job training.”

She chose Cruz over Trump or Carson for this very reason. He might not be seen as the anti-establishment outsider that endears voters to Trump or Carson, but his actions clearly demonstrate that he is. The funny part about it is that the very action that demonstrated this – his government shutdown of 2013 – is the action that many in the Republican Establishment point to as a reason to not vote for him. They condemned him for putting the party in a bad light, for destroying their chances of retaining the House and winning the Senate. Of course, a year later the “disastrous” shutdown was demonstrated to have helped the Republicans win the Senate and extend their lead in the House.

Ted Cruz Anti-Establishment

History has a funny way of proving the Republican Establishment wrong over and over again. If it weren’t for the fact that history makes the Democrats look even worse, we might not have a party anymore. Again, lesser of two evils.

Ted Cruz is definitely against the Republican Establishment, the “Washington cartel” as he calls it. Over and over again he stands up for what’s best for America even if it goes against the horrible backroom deals that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell concocted. The difference between him and the other two anti-establishment candidates is that Cruz knows the game and plays it very well for the sake of the country even if it means making enemies along the way.

He doesn’t need on-the-job-training.

Many of the concepts that Trump and Carson promote are righteous and important. They should be discussed. They should be fixed. Cruz knows that Trump’s wall must be built and he knows that illegal immigrants must be appropriately handled through things like E-Verify. He knows that religious liberties must be protected despite the trend in America that’s coming from both sides of the aisle. He has shares many of Trump’s and Carson’s ideas. The thing that makes him superior to them as a President isn’t just that he has experience. It’s that he has realistic approaches towards solving the problems. Some of the things that Trump and Carson promote sound great on the campaign trail but are utterly impossible to implement.

Cruz, Carson, and Trump share ideas about what needs to happen to fix the country. Of the three, only Cruz has the proper conservative plan that can actually become a reality.

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Instead of Running for President, We Should Hope to See Secretary of Defense Rick Perry

In case you hadn’t heard (and you probably haven’t since it’s not really news), a Super PAC is forming to try to get former Texas Governor and two-time Presidential candidate Rick Perry back in the race. Their hopes are to have a brokered convention which is, for all intents and purposes, impossible at this point.

Before we get too deep into it, let’s say for the sake of those who support Rick Perry that he definitely can never win the nomination or the Presidency. If you’re holding onto hope, get that our of your head.

Rather than shooting for the White House, it’s time for the conservative to do what he was probably always born to do: become Secretary of Defense. According to Wikipedia, his military experience gives him a nice, albeit small resume for this position:

Upon graduation from college in 1972, Perry was commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force and completed pilot training in February 1974. He was then assigned as a C-130 pilot to the 772nd Tactical Airlift Squadron at Dyess Air Force Base. Perry’s duties included two-month overseas rotations at RAF Mildenhall in England and Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany. His missions included a 1974 U.S. State Department drought relief effort in Mali, Mauritania and Chad, and two years later, earthquake relief in Guatemala.[20] He left the United States Air Force in 1977 with the rank of Captain, returned to Texas, and went into business farming cotton with his father.

What’s much more important to know about Perry is that he’s hawkish without being obtuse. He believes in military might and supporting our defense in the best possible way. That’s something that could play out very well in this particular time period due to the harsh conditions that are present around the world.

Rick Perry was never going to be President, but he does have the skills and the attitude to serve his country well as the ideal DefSec in these troubled times.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Prepare for Desperate Attacks from the Left as Ted Cruz Rises

In a bubble, there are two candidates that the Democrats fear. Some see Marco Rubio’s boyish charm and knack for political expediency as appealing to independents, putting him as a top target. The other target, Ted Cruz, represents the two things they fear the most. That’s why you can expect to see very hot attacks against the Texas Senator in the weeks leading up to Iowa.

On one hand, Cruz represents the type of candidate that can expose Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. He has stayed more true to his ideology throughout his career than any other candidate, a sharp contrast to the ebbing and flowing of Clinton’s perspectives. This alone would make him dangerous to her, but add onto that his debating skills and his polarizing views that run in contrast to hers and it spells a danger the left simply doesn’t want to have to face.

It’s more than that, though. The second reason that they fear him over all others is because he is using Obama’s 2008 playbook. They know it works, obviously, and they know that Clinton doesn’t possess the passion that Cruz has now and that Obama had in 2008. More importantly, he has the same basic profile as Obama. Both ran as first term Senators in large starts. They both graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School after editing the Harvard Law Review. They are have polarizing views even within their own parties that put Obama to the left and Cruz to the right of the standard party lines.

In short, Ted Cruz is the last candidate that the Democrats want to see facing Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders and they will do whatever they can to smear him in the coming months. In an ideal world for them, they would be able to hold their ammunition to attack the nominee after their campaign shifts to the general election, but they won’t risk that with Cruz. They won’t hold back the way they’re holding back with Donald Trump, the candidate they want to run against. With Cruz, they’ll try to destroy him before he has a chance to talk to the general electorate.

For the last two election cycles, this has played out so that the chosen Republican Establishment moderate will get the nomination. For the last two election cycles, the strategy has been disastrous. While the left continues to put up polarizing personalities, the right puts up milquetoast.

This year, it can’t happen. Ted Cruz isn’t just the best chance the Republicans have of defeating the Democrats next November. He represents the best chance the country has of prospering. I like most of the things that Donald Trump has to say, but the Democrats will destroy him. That’s why they’re so focused on his bombast rather than his policies. They realize that his bombast can propel him forward as the nominee even if his past and his policies will be annihilated in the general election. That’s what the left wants. That’s what mainstream media wants. Their goals are aligned.

They will roll out stories calling Cruz a Muslim-basher. They will point to conservatives that Republicans respect as attacking Cruz. They will call into question his eligibility with leftist firebrands like Alan Grayson. They will attack everyone they can associate with him.

Even though they view Rubio as a different risk, he’s still easier for the Democrats to beat than Cruz. Prepare for wave after wave of attacks. Prepare to defend him and to remain stalwart in your support. Don’t let the left, the mainstream media, or the Republican Establishment convince you otherwise.

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Socialism will Continue in Venezuela if Opposition Candidates Keep Getting Murdered

It’s difficult for Americans to understand the corruption and violence that comes with socialism. Despite the altruism associated with it and snazzy phrases like “income equality” used to build support, socialist nations around the world invariably fall to chaos and hardship when the governments maintain power long enough. This is very evident right now in Venezuela.

The country is in the process of collapsing. Polls suggest that the people want to stop the free fall that has culminated 16 years of socialism, but the government seems bent on making sure that doesn’t happen. They’ve gone beyond jailing opposition leaders or threatening candidates. Now, they’re just going out and killing them in broad daylight at campaign rallies.

Before anyone comes out and declares that it could have been a shooting perpetrated by very ambitious pro-government lone wolfs or, as the government is declaring, an attempt to frame the socialists to garner support for other candidates, keep something in mind. The only people who would lose if the elections were fair would be the current United Socialist Party of Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro.

The successor to Hugo Chávez, Maduro has made no attempt to hide his willingness to suppress, intimidate, or physically remove any threats that could pull him out of power. Despite the complete economic failure of the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, the mismanagement of funds that always occurs when socialism has enough time to do its damage is crippling the country and hurting the people. They are carrying trash bags full of money in order to buy toilet paper. Strife has turned to violence and violence has turned to desperation.

It’s easy for a conservative to point to socialism as the culprit. There is true evil involved in this collapse as well, but the two core causes of the chaos in Venezuela are linked. You see, socialism by its very nature is evil wrapped in a thin blanket of altruism. It seems to make sense to people that if you take from the rich and give to the poor that everything will be okay, but it’s always a temporary fix. Whenever you make it unbearable to succeed and reward complacency instead, the people who work for the country stop doing so and the people who are not working for the country see no reason to help out.

As a concept, socialism makes sense. Unfortunately, it’s the type of concept that only makes sense if everyone is willing to participate to their fullest extent. The nature of socialism prohibits it from ever working in a world of free-thinking humans. Venezuela is seeing this first hand right now.

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From C to V: The Differences between Prius Models

2016 Toyota Prius C

Many know that Toyota led the charge with developing a practically priced, and attractive hybrid car, but what most people don’t know is all of the different models Toyota now offers of their hybrid, the Prius.  There are a lot of letters floating around out there attached to vehicle models, and often it just adds up to the equivalent of a jumble puzzle.  The letters attached to the different models can make it somewhat difficult to differentiate what car you actually want to buy, as it’s easy to become confused about which features are offered with each model.

There are three different models of Toyota’s best-selling hybrid offering.  First, there is the Prius.  This is the standard model; the continuation of what they initially released back in 2000 for U.S. sales.  Next up on the list is the Prius c, a sportier and smaller model of the regular Prius, with a slightly smaller price tag as well.  Finally, last on the list is the Prius v, the super-sized version of Toyota’s hybrid offering.

Now that we’ve got the letters down and we’ve figured out the smaller and obvious differences between each Prius model, we can delve further into the more subtle nuances of each particular vehicle.  Each one of the three models offers different standard features, varying gas mileage estimates, and an array of seating accommodations that set each one apart from the others.  Choosing your Prius is going to be largely based on exactly what you’re looking for in terms of carrying capacity and what comes standard.  While it still may seem somewhat overwhelming, it’s easier than it looks to select your vehicle.

The base model Prius comes in four different trim levels numbered two through five, seven different colors, and a pretty expansive array of options.  Each model, from Prius Two to Prius Five, comes equipped with a 4 Cylinder, 1.8L Hybrid Engine.  Leading in its field in terms of aerodynamics, the Prius offers one of the lowest drag coefficients on the market.  Perhaps this is part of the reason for the outstanding gas mileage that the Prius offers in comparison to others in its class.  Made to carry up to five passengers, head clearance and leg room shouldn’t be an issue in this model, as it offers up nearly 43 inches for your legs.

The Prius c is the fun-sized version of the hybrid darling.  Offered in ten fun and youthful colors, the c is clearly made for a good time.  Now, it features a smaller engine, weighing in at 1.5 liters, and gives up a little bit of space in terms of leg room, but it’s not any less than its predecessor.  Released on the Prius scene in 2011, this model is offered in four different trim levels.  What you give up in space and engine size, you’ll make up for with the gas mileage and price point.  The lowest priced vehicle in the Prius family, and the highest gas mileage on the road, the c is meant for maneuvering in tight spaces.

If you’ve always wanted a Prius, but there was never enough space, 2011 was a lucky year, as Toyota released the Prius v.  The v is the big daddy in the Prius family, offering nearly thirty-five cubic feet of cargo space, and folding seat to allow for even more storage if need be.  The backseat is clearly a priority, as the seats not only recline but slide forward and backwards to get more leg room or give more cargo space.  While you would think that upping the size of your Prius would sacrifice major numbers when it comes to gas mileage, you would be wrong.  Averaging 44 plus mpg, the v will have you passing gas stations left and right.

When you’ve made the decision to go hybrid, Toyota would be a safe bet, as they possess the distinction of being the first mass-marketed hybrid vehicle.  Each member of the Prius family boasts their own particular traits that make it desirable.  Depending on what you need, there’s a Prius out there.  Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or simply reduce the amount of times you’re filling up, you can’t go wrong with a Prius.

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Congressman Alan Grayson uses Ted Cruz to draw the spotlight onto his own campaign

Alan Grayson Florida

Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson is having a hard time with his own party after failing to get strong support for his Senatorial campaign from major Democratic backers. Most support Patrick Murphy, the “sane” one between the two. Now, the political firebrand is trying to draw headlines by attacking GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s eligibility to even run for the office.

It isn’t just endorsements that aren’t going his way. In the money battle, Murphy is outpacing his foe, bringing attention to the controversial past that has followed Grayson his whole career. From an ugly divorce after 25-years of marriage to having questionable hedge fund practices that go against the very principles he claims to uphold, Grayson has been trying to remind voters that he is willing to go after anyone, anywhere, regardless of how ludicrous his actions might seem. He’ll do whatever it takes to get headlines and interviews.

The attacks tend to swerve towards whatever the topic of the hour is and right now the topic is Ted Cruz’s rise in recent GOP polls. The Texas Senator has shot up to a virtual tie with frontrunner Donald Trump in Iowa and is making moves in the national polls. Grayson, seeing an opportunity to turn headlines his way, has gone on the offensive. This is how he operates, choosing to say whatever it takes for political expediency. He’ll go after his ex-wife, his competitors, banks, businesses, and even gang members.

He’s been called the Democrats’ Donald Trump. Now, he’s trying to live up to the name by being as bombastic as possible even at the expense of his own party’s integrity.

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Why We’re Supporting the Imbecile Alan Grayson for Senate

In the ugly world of politics, it’s important to pick your fights based upon the goal of ultimate victory. The race for the Democratic nomination for Senate in Florida is so heated, so conspicuously volatile, that we have two important reasons to support Congressman Alan Grayson.

Those who know us are aware that we’re extremely conservative. Why, then, would we be supporting a bid by a liberal Democrat? The first reason is political expediency. Grayson’s opponent, Patrick Murphy, is formidable. He defeated Allen B. West to win a seat in Congress and has demonstrated a moderation that is appealing to many Florida voters. In essence, we see Grayson as a loudmouth lightweight whose nomination would ensure a Republican will win the space being vacated by Presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

The second reason is more maniacal. You see, Alan Grayson is the picture-perfect Democrat. Let’s analyze some of the allegations laid upon him from CQ Roll Call:

First there was the revelation of Grayson’s involvement in three hedge funds, two of which are based in the Cayman Islands, that bear his name. It’s the type of activity Grayson has decried since he was sworn in to Congress in 2009.

It’s always ironic when people are exposed to the hypocrisy of many Democrats. Keep in mind that one of Grayson’s biggest rallying cries has been against Wall Street, hedge funds, and the rich elite that Democratic voters love to hate. Nevermind that he’s worth over $20 million and is the 17th wealthiest member of Congress. He fights against those who handle money in ways that he has decided to employ himself.

Alan Grayson Ex-Wife

Then, there’s the story of his ex-wife:

Grayson eventually annulled his marriage of 25 years with his ex, Lolita Grayson, but not before round after round of public name calling and negative news stories — including one report that Lolita and the couple’s children were allegedly on food stamps, despite his wealth.

While we understand that Democrats don’t always appreciate the sanctity of marriage nor the responsibility of a man to take care of his wife and children, but Grayson’s example is a little extreme even for liberals.

Congressman Alan Grayson

Lastly, there’s Grayson’s unquenchable thirst for attention. He loves making headlines. He loves taking on those evil Republicans. He loves to see his name in print and he adores the idea of people seeing his face on television. The most recent attack on Ted Cruz’s eligibility works perfectly with the narrative about his political life that he’s created up to this point.

In 2009, Grayson said Republicans’ plan for overhauling the country’s health care system was to “die quickly.” In his 2010 re-election campaign, Grayson called his opponent, GOP Rep. Daniel Webster, “Taliban Dan.” Grayson also sent out a fundraising email in 2013 comparing the tea party to the the Ku Klux Klan.

Democratic operatives compare Grayson with businessman and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump — who is being rewarded by voters in the polls for his candid remarks, but whose penchant to speak whatever’s on his mind often lands him with a flurry of negative media attention.

In our ongoing quest to expose the most idiotic liberals, Alan Grayson ranks very high. That’s why we’d love to see him nominated by the Democrats in Florida. His presence would mean that the Republicans wouldn’t need to worry about losing Rubio’s seat.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Of Course Ted Cruz can Win

For months, we’ve been saying that Ted Cruz is the most qualified and ideologically sounds candidate in the GOP field. We said he could win the nomination and the general election. For the first time, we’re actually starting to believe what we’ve been preaching.

It’s been a very tough eight years. The last seven have been tough for an obvious reason, but the year before President Obama was elected, it was hard for us as well. We watched as the conservative side of the Republican party continuously got pushed aside. It wasn’t just that the Republican Establishment had pre-selected John McCain as their champion. It was that the conservatives in the race weren’t really all that conservative and proved to be poor campaigners. Then, 2011/12 came around and we had a worse time. Mitt Romney was the chosen one, but it was worse than the previous election because a handful of true conservatives were pushed aside even more forcefully than ever before. The Republican Establishment had their way again.

I vividly remember vowing to fight with every fiber of my life that I could dedicate to finding and assisting the right conservative to pick up the Ronald Reagan mantle that has been left dormant since 1989. I wasn’t going to accept another Romney or McCain. This time, we were going to make a case for the best conservative in the field.

That conservative turned out to be Ted Cruz and I was terrified. On one hand, it seemed that he wasn’t just the best conservative this cycle. He was showing signs of greatness and political fortitude that would make him the best conservative in decades. On the other hand, he was already receiving enough press from both sides of the aisle to indicate that he really didn’t have a chance. We said he could win as early as June. We started believing it was possible in September. Now that we’re on the cusp of December, we’re realizing that he absolutely has a chance to win, not because of the famously brilliant campaign management that his team is doing or the infrastructure he’s put into place. It isn’t just having the most cash on hand or fairing very well with the Super PAC donations.

We believe because Republicans are starting to believe. I believe he can win because the narrative about him is turning in the right direction. From left-wing mainstream media, he’s suddenly getting the brunt of the attacks. That’s a great sign because it means they’re scared. On the right, many who thought it was impossible are starting to come around. That’s even more promising because a Ted Cruz campaign with the support of conservative media is the most powerful political campaign force the Republicans have put up since swift boats.

There is a long way to go until the general election, but if things continue to go well for Cruz, he’s the best chance the Republicans have of beating Donald Trump and then Hillary Clinton. This time, it won’t matter who the Republican Establishment crowns. Conservatives are showing that they have the power to make America truly great again.

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