Monday, September 26, 2016

The Liberal Agenda will be Crafted by Debate Questions as Much as (or more than) the Answers

Some are reporting that there could be 100 million people watching the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Moderator Lester Holt will be alone in his duties of asking the questions. We’ll all be paying attention to the answers, but the questions themselves are actually equally or more important.

This size of an audience gives mainstream media the opportunity to determine what we feel is important. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, folks, but that’s how the system works. Coverage is given to the items that the “powers that be” want covered. I’m not suggesting any conspiracy theories, here. It’s very well documented that the media contorts the sentiment of the nation around particular subjects through ongoing coverage of those items while stifling interest in other items based upon lack of coverage. It’s a classic case of the tail wagging the dog; they don’t simply listen to what we want them to report, but they also have a hand in reporting what they want us to see.

Holt is coming in with one major advantage: he’s a registered Republican. This means that the cards are already in play to counter any arguments that Trump was treated unfairly. This was done intentionally, not just for Trump’s sake but also for the sake of the overarching agenda itself. After watching Matt Lauer get skewered from both sides, they felt that Hold would be the least controversial host. They don’t want him in focus. They want the questions in focus.

This is when they have the biggest possible stage to craft the narrative.

Keep in mind that this is neither nothing new nor is it even that nefarious. It’s an ongoing battle between mainstream media and alternative media to keep our attentions in the wrong directions. Alternative media plays its part in highlighting the strange things that really shouldn’t be a concern while mainstream media keeps it simple by keeping our focus on the things they want us to see. This isn’t universal; there are plenty of smaller or alternative media sources that do a nice job, but unfortunately for the sake of pageviews they tend to lean towards crazy more often than not.

What’s the moral of the story? Watch the debate with discernment. Don’t just watch the answers carefully. Pay attention to the questions. There has been so much happening in the world the last year that we’ve become very easy to distract. This is their prime opportunity to keep the distractions coming.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Don't let it happen to you.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cruz Endorsement Won’t Help Trump or the GOP. In Fact…

This weekend, I will be posting on The New Americana about how the Ted Cruz endorsement of Donald Trump for President is the rallying call conservatives have needed to finally break free from the bonds of the GOP in order to form a new conservative party. This was based upon initial reactions from many NeverTrumpers who looked to Cruz as a leader. Their reactions were not as Trump or Cruz had likely hoped.

Before we get into that, it’s important to understand that I hold no bitterness towards Cruz. It became clear through his primary campaign that many of the things we clung to regarding Cruz as a principled conservative were negotiable. This didn’t make him any worse of a candidate in most of our eyes. It simply made us realize that he’s much more of a politician than we had initially hoped. No big deal, really. Just as we put our best foot forward easily during a first date but often struggle to maintain it as a relationship continues, the revelations early on that Cruz was a politician didn’t take away from the fact that he was the best candidate for the job.

This latest “betrayal” was simply a political move, one that will prove to be a poor one. By turning the attention away from Trump’s shortcomings and towards the existential threat that Hillary Clinton poses, Cruz attempted to justify his decision as a righteous one. He, Trump, and the GOP hoped that it would be a wakeup call to those of us opposed to Trump that we have a bigger battle to fight. It was the standard “lesser of two evils” argument that we’ve been hearing for months.

That’s the problem. We already know Hillary is an existential threat. Our concern is that Trump may be a little less of an existential threat or may be even worse. At this point, we don’t know and it was people like Cruz who we looked to in order to act as the conservative dissent against Trump’s leftward lurch. Cruz pointed to a mode disciplined campaign in recent weeks as justification for changing his mind. What he failed to mention is that Trump has changed in other ways since the convention as well. He’s exposed more of his liberal ideologies, pulling down his tax cuts, promoting big government spending, proposing a minimum wage increase, pushing for government-funded maternity leave, and a handful of other Democratic ideas being adopted by the GOP. In other words, Trump may be campaigning nicer, but he’s even MORE of a threat to society today than when Cruz failed to endorse him at the convention.

This is going to hurt the GOP. It brings to light the thing that conservatives have feared the most: an unchecked Trump. Please don’t take this as support for Hillary in any way, but the one thing she has going for her in the eyes of conservatives is that she’s a clear force for us to unite against an oppose. With Trump, the opposition from the right is currently scattered. It was people like Cruz who gave us at least a little hope that Trump could be reined in by conservatives if he were to win the Presidency. By endorsing, he loses his standing as a conservative dissenter to Trump’s liberal ways.

Some would say that an endorsement does not mean that someone has embraced them fully. I disagree. That’s not to say that endorses are incapable of dissent, but it takes away their core argument. Trump represents the new Republican Party, one that can finally achieve its long-term goal of being the moderate party rather than the conservative one. The more that conservatives like Cruz endorse Trump, the more relevant a new party becomes.

We will be building this party. With or without Cruz, the need for conservatives to have a valid and tangible voice has never been more clear. If anything, Cruz boarding the Trump Train is further justification and an example of how lost the GOP has become.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Importance of Ephesians 6:12

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What the GOP Must Learn from Atlas Shrugged

For the third time in less than a week, I’m forced to invoke a book that I actually didn’t really like. Atlas Shrugged is a classic that made some great points about free market capitalism and personal responsibility, but it was a militantly anti-Christian story that glorified “enlightened” thinking outside of Biblical doctrine. Still, there are things that we can take away from it that are worth noting.

If you haven’t read it, I wouldn’t recommend it. Over the years it’s been put on a philosophical pedestal and glorified by many political pundits, particular Libertarian-leaning fiscal conservatives, but in my humble opinion it was above-average at best. Nonetheless, here’s my spoiler alert. I’ll be going into details about the ending which was utterly ludicrous in any reality other than three:

  1. If the world descends into a dystopian vision due to industrial economic collapse not brought on by war or natural catastrophe, the book’s end is viable.
  2. In a post-apocalyptic world that attempts and fails to properly rebuild, the end is viable.
  3. In the 2016 election where conservatism is tossed to the wolves, the end is applicable.

Obviously, I’m focusing on the last reality since it’s our reality.

Leave, Regroup, Rebuild

In Atlas Shrugged, the people who have the skills, drive, and ambition to succeed are the people who can save the collapsing socialist society around them. Unlike the realities we’re seeing around the world and the one that is emerging in America, the socialism described in Atlas Shrugged is hidden and subtle. It’s wrapped in a faux-totalitarian government that has embraced the ideas of crony capitalism without the benefits of a capitalistic engine upon which to mooch.

The capitalists, represented in Atlas Shrugged as industrialists and practical scientists, leave. The best minds are plucked from the world suddenly and completely. John Galt, the ideological leader of the movement, takes the people who can preserve society and hides them away in a mini-utopia off the map where they build a working community separate from the outside world.

They live for themselves and believe two concepts: paraphrasing, they will demand nothing of any other man and they will not accept demands from any other man.

The near future that they see is one where the world essentially collapses and falls back 100 years. Without the industrialists, trains will be replaced by horse and buggy. Electric light will be replaced by lanterns. Infrastructure will collapse. Dog will eat dog. When everything is so bad and the government is completely abolished, they will reemerge and rebuild.

This is the model that conservatives must adopt. We are the industrialists and practical scientists of the modern world. Through conservatism, the GOP has harnessed our proper and righteous mentalities in the campaign slogans, but have acted against the precepts. Just as the “looters” in Atlas Shrugged took from the industrialists, the Establishment has taken from conservatives their “fair” share while refusing to actually embrace the solutions that conservative politicians, pundits, and wonks have recommended.

For centuries in Atlas Shrugged, the looters took from the industrialists and accepted the benefits of their brainpower, then using it against them to promote an agenda that was contrary to the industrialists’ strengths and values. For decades, the Establishment has held the mantle of conservatism while practicing tactics to take conservatives down.

It’s time to depart. It’s time to leave the GOP. It’s time to take our ideas and talents to our own political party utopia and let the liberals in both parties battle to see who can do the most harm to the country, Unlike the industrialists in Atlas Shrugged, we will not wait for the collapse before we start taking action. We will regroup as quickly as possible under a new conservative party and begin preparations to rebuild conservatism and therefore the party itself.

It won’t be easy. When reading Atlas Shrugged, one is left with the feeling that everything would be fine and that the industrialists will be able to essentially reverse the apocalypse. Our situation as conservatives is the opposite. What we’re about to go through with the next liberal President isn’t necessarily going to be the apocalypse, but we’ll need all of our talents, effort, and the grace of God in order to make it possible. New parties have failed since the 19th century. We only have two things going for us:

  1. Never since the 19th century has there been a more suitable moment to galvanize conservatives behind a new party. The GOP has abandoned us with the expectation that we’ll return because we always do.
  2. We’re in the right. They, both major parties, are in the wrong.

By taking advantage of this unique political atmosphere and applying the principles of velocity and exceptionalism, defying the odds of building a new party can be achieved. Like the industrialists in Atlas Shrugged, we will allow the political landscape to hit rock bottom before bringing our ideas back to the table in a new and controlled manifestation. Conservatives will finally be able to call the shots. That’s the only way for America to see it’s brightest days once again.

The GOP will learn a lesson from this experience, but it won’t be what they expect. They’re looking for conservatives to come running back to Trump if he wins or the Establishment if he loses. We will do neither. They must be made to realize that we will no longer answer to the demands of the GOP, nor will we demand that the GOP appease us. Through a clean break, we’ll be able to heal conservatism and the nation quicker while building a stronger foundation around conservatism.

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I know he did many great things in his life, but proper use of the word "hubris" has to be up there near the top.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016


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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Easing Back into the Faithful Mix

Anyone who has had to separate themselves from something they love know that it’s very difficult. It can drain our spirits and make us question our own actions. I’ve recently had to do just that by stepping away from this website to work on a different project. Now that it’s up and running, I feel it’s time to ease back into the thing that I love most: spreading the Word of God.

As always, my priorities are faith, business, and politics. Some have asked where family and friends fit into this mix. They are part of all of it; I do not disconnect my actions from the people in my life. My wife is part of my faith, my business, and my politics. My children are entering into a each as well. All of my friends are there through faith, business, or family. I have no friends who aren’t somehow involved.

Now that the new project is up and running, there’s an opening for me to spend some time on Judeo-Christian Church. I can’t wait! There have been so many things percolating in my mind that I’ve wanted to share but couldn’t put in the necessary time. Hopefully, those things weren’t lost completely. I won’t be posting daily as I was before, at least not yet. In the meantime, please accept what I can give and pray for those who need to hear the Word of God.

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