Sunday, June 19, 2016

Credit Where It’s Due: Trump is Right About Profiling

Folks who follow this blog know one thing very clearly: we feel that Donald Trump is a hardcore liberal Democrat with a single conservative perspective, immigration, that he’s using to fool Republicans into voting for him. It’s rare that we agree with him, but when he’s right, he’s right. His renewed call for profiling as an appropriate measure to fight terrorism is a necessary perspective.

With that said, I have absolutely zero confidence that Trump knows what is entailed. This is the type of thing that would require him to hire “the best people…” and not the type of people he’s hired in the past. We’re talking about the absolute best people to fight terrorism and do so in a way that stays within the bounds of the Constitution. Profiling is an extremely slippery slope as it can be abused far too easily.

So far, he hasn’t said much but the media is already going after him for it:

If he sticks with those words and doesn’t expand beyond bringing in people who can initiate profiling in a Constitutionally sound manner, then we’re good. In America, equality is an expectation. People should be treated equally, given equal opportunities to succeed or fail, and granted equal rights within the framework of the Constitution that has made the country great. Profiling can lead to reduction in freedoms if handled improperly, but the “common sense” profiling that Trump mentioned can be done properly without infringing on rights or increasing the powers of intervention granted to the federal government.

If an area in a city has a much higher rate of drug trafficking, it’s not profiling if the police steps up investigations and presence in the area even if there is a particular racial group dominating it. When it comes to religion, there are tendencies associated with particular crimes as well. The goal is to find radicalization within individuals and these tendencies can be used to sniff out potential threats.

The key is to follow the signs and see where radicalization is possible. In many cases, the sign can be gun purchases. Before anyone jumps on me for calling for any form of gun control, I’m not advocating any such thing. However, “common sense” measures can be put into place without infringing on rights, reducing the public’s privacy, or wasting law enforcement resources on wild goose chases.

The signs were there that Omar Mateen might be a problem. He was investigated in the past by the FBI. When he suddenly bought weapons, the sign was apparent. When he started posting publicly in ways that seemed to denote radicalization, the alarm bells should have gone up. Without knowing the details of any investigations on Mateen, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. On the surface, it seems as if he could have been stopped.

Again, it’s a slippery slope, but it’s one that must at least be discussed. The knee-jerk reaction of mainstream media and the politically correct culture that Obama has established will have the majority thinking ill of Trump’s perspective. The facts combined with “common sense” tell a completely different story.

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