Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Benghazi Must Not Be Brushed Aside

Hillary Clinton should have been removed from office within a month after Benghazi. Then, she should have been thoroughly investigated along with anyone in the State Department, CIA, and U.S. military who allowed it to happen as it did.

I’m saying these words from a perspective of limited information. We only know what we’re allowed to know and the rabbit hole goes deeper than any of us likely imagine. Someone is being protected (other than Hillary) and there is an active cover-up in play as we speak. The fact that the Benghazi report reveals tidbits of wrongdoing is just a ploy by the government to make us believe that their investigation was comprehensive.

There won’t be a slap on the wrist. One of the primary perpetrators of the acts that led to the death of four Americans is likely going to become President of the United States unless Donald Trump can be removed from the nomination. The President will brush it aside as an unfortunate footnote that could have derailed his reelection campaign. The media will tell us that the issue is dead. Politicians on both sides of the aisle will use it to prop up their pulpits for a day or two before letting it fade into the footnotes of some Wikipedia pages.

This cannot be allowed to stand. The American are being sold a story that hides the real corruption behind this incident. It should never have happened. I’m not just talking about the attack itself. I’m not talking about the lack of a response that allowed it to continue. I’m talking about the actual events that led to the incident. Why were defenses in one of the hotbeds of hatred towards Americans so insufficient? No, it wasn’t carelessness by the administration or lack of funding by the Republicans in Congress. This was deeper. There’s a conspiracy here and we’re never going to be told about it, not for several decades at least.

At this point, the powerlessness of a people that is subservient to our public servants will prevent any further information from coming out. Conspiracy theory sites will continue spreading rumors. Judicial oversight groups will request more information. At the end of the day, nothing more of substance will come of it. It’s up to American patriots to keep up the pressure and keep the story alive. We cannot let the government brush this aside in our minds. By the time you’re reading this, it’s probably old news. We’re told to move along to the latest news. In this particular situation, the news must remain fresh even when others would have it stagnate.

Keep asking questions. Do not accept the report as an answer. We deserve to know what was really going on. Incompetence and poor judgment are in play with nearly every government action, yet people usually don’t die as a result. In this case, there is more to the story. Don’t let it get buried with the bodies of those four men who served a country that wants to forget them.

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