Sunday, June 19, 2016

No, a Partial Transcript of Orlando 911 Calls Isn’t Good Enough

The Obama Administration is allowing the public to hear and see the transcripts from Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s 911 calls. The problem is that they’re scrubbing every mention of Islam, including the jihadist’s pledge to the Islamic State.

According to RealClearPolitics:

This is worse than it sounds. The thinking (at least what’s being told to the public) is that there can be further damage done if the shooter’s pledge of allegiance is heard. The problem with this narrative is that those who are already radicalized or near radicalization are only going to be further emboldened by not releasing the information from the calls. Their imagination is now allowed to run rampant. They can’t hear the fear in the shooter’s voice if there was any. They won’t hear him sounding like a crazed maniac. They will imagine him boldly committing an act of jihad for an organization that is reaching into the United States.

This is all about narrative. They want the narrative to be about guns, so any discussion of terrorism, Islam, or radicalization can only hurt the sales pitch they’re giving to Americans. It’s just another example of this administration’s desire to put ideology over the welfare of Americans.

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