Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Alex Griswold: David French May Be Worth Considering

Anyone who endorses David French at this point before he’s been vetted, interviewed, or even declared as a Presidential candidate is too wrapped up in their #NeverTrump blankets to see reality. Then again, anyone who dismisses French without similar research is also mistaken as Mediaite’s Alex Griswold points out.

Griswold doesn’t think French has a chance. He has no reason to endorse him by promising to vote for him. However, he’s also looking at the overall situation and realizing that there are plenty of protest votes to go around. Many who are currently voting for Donald Trump are actually voting against Hillary Clinton. The same thing can be said for Clinton “supporters” who are simply opposed to Trump. In this strange election cycle, who’s to say that French couldn’t emerge as the anti-Trump and anti-Clinton vote?

We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s the point. There’s no need to jump on a bandwagon that doesn’t have wheels yet, but there’s also no reason to dismiss him if you’re one of the millions of voters unhappy with either of the choices (or Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate). Give him a chance to announce his candidacy and receive the appropriate level of vetting before going in either direction about him.

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