Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Terrorist Attack Means We Need MORE Guns, Fewer Gun-Free Zones

I’ll cut straight to the chase and keep it short. Would a radical Islamic terrorist be able to kill or injure over 100 people in a public place that wasn’t in a gun-free zone? What if 2% of the 300+ people in the club were responsible gun owners carrying firearms? Could lives have been saved? Most likely, yes.

Bad guys intent to murder are not slowed by signs declaring an area as a gun-free zone. Terrorists aren’t going to wait for a police response before taking lives. Many terrorists aren’t even worried about the police; they’ll kill as many as they can before armed law enforcement arrives to send them to be with their 72 virgins. In an America where anyone might be carrying, a terrorist would be more reluctant to perform their acts of jihad knowing they could be taken out before killing a single infidel.

America needs more “good guys with guns” present in public places. We need fewer gun-free zones. We need to reverse the course that President Obama and the left has propelled us down because it’s utterly impossible to keep bad guys from having guns. If they want them, they’ll get them. If they can’t get them, they’ll find other means to kill. In particular, radical Islamic terrorists will find ways to kill Americans with or without legal firearms.

The calls for more gun control after the Orlando attack is predictable and completely insane. The government cannot protect us all from terrorists. Heck, the FBI probed Omar Mateen. He was cleared to carry weapons. There’s not a background check being proposed that could have stopped him. Instead, law enforcement should be doing just that – enforcing the law. The problem is that enforcement requires investigation and their investigation into Mateen was apparently flawed.

Train as many Americans as possible on proper gun safety and appropriate actions when situations arise. Then, arm them. I’d feel a lot safer in public knowing that any number of patriotic American citizens around me were properly trained and armed. It’s when we go down the path of increased gun control that the enemies have the upper hand.

We don’t need gun control. We need to stop the terrorists in their tracks. We need to go after the core of terrorism to prevent people like Mateen from being radicalized in the first place. Otherwise, we’re just going to make Americans more vulnerable by blaming everything on the 2nd Amendment.

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