Sunday, June 19, 2016

4 Reasons the GOP Should Take Trump Up on His Offer to Self-Fund Campaign

Donald Trump may or may not want the GOP’s help with his campaign. Depending on the day of the week and who he’s talking to, he either loves the GOP or hates it. He either wants their help or he doesn’t. His latest perspective (as of eight hours ago, so it may have changed already) is that if support for Trump from the GOP continues to waver, he’ll go at it on his own.

There are four reasons that the GOP should accept his offer and none of them include doing it out of spite. It makes complete logical sense for the GOP to put their efforts and cash in other areas while Trump focuses on winning the White House.

Focus on Congress, State, and Local Races

This is going to be a pivotal election for the Senate, House of Representatives, several Governorships, and hundreds of important state, city, and local races. The Presidential campaign has historically been a drain for the parties, leaving the down-ticket races strapped for cash and attention. If Trump can handle his own race, the GOP will have a leg up on the Democrats. This will be crucial if they’re going to keep majorities in Congress where both chambers are in doubt. It would also help tremendously at the local level; the money spent on a single Presidential television campaign through swing states would be enough to win entire districts if spent locally instead.

He (Allegedly) has 10 Billion Important Reasons to Self-Fund

If Donald Trump spent 10% of his alleged money, he would have the best-funded campaign in history when combined with donations and his super PACs. The Republican fundraising machine really isn’t necessary to win the White House if Trump cares enough about the country.

Detachment can’t Hurt, but Attachment Could

By separating the campaign from the GOP itself, those who are down-ticket will have a better chance of winning. Those who will vote for Trump are more likely to be straight-ticket voters. On the other hand, those who oppose Trump would be hard-pressed to vote for politicians who support him. By not attaching to Trump, other Republicans have an opportunity to run their own campaigns free from the Trump distraction. Their message should be that regardless of who wins the Presidency, their going to do everything they can for their constituents.

We Wouldn’t Want Him to Be Attacked as a Liar

He claimed throughout his campaign that he was the only candidate who wasn’t “bought” by special interests. Once he had the nomination locked up, he switched gears and became the guy who wanted to be “donated to” by special interests. If he self-funds, this flip-flop cannot be an attack point used by the Clinton campaign.

The best way for Trump to maintain his integrity is to self-fund his campaign. By working with the Establishment, he’s losing credibility. By taking money, he’s going back on the hundreds of times he’s claimed to be a self-funded candidate. It’s time for the GOP to let him do what he really wants to do.

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