Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Politicians React to SCOTUS Abortion Ruling, Though One was Notably Silent

Donald Trump isn’t very good at gender politics. He never has been and often confuses himself on his own changing stances. Today, he’s pro-life with exceptions and that should have been enough to get him to release a statement, make a comment, or at least send out a Tweet on the issue. As the new day dawns, Trump and his campaign have said nothing about the devastating blow the Supreme Court laid on the pro-life movement.

His main competitor had some words on her website and Twitter…

Most of his former GOP competitors had something to say about it…

What was Trump’s big Tweet of the day? It wasn’t about the setback in the fight to protect millions of American lives. It was about Donald J. Trump being treated unfairly. The broken record of Trump playing the victim is unrelenting.

Most in conservative media were active in their attacks on the decision, but very few made note that the leader they helped to choose for their party was notably silent. We have to look to liberal rag Slate for a possible reason for Trump’s silence.

“The obvious answer is that Trump is either unwilling or unable to quickly sum up his thoughts on a topic that he has expressed so many conflicting views on in the past and that has caused him so many problems in the present….”

Unfortunately, this might actually be the truth. Is Trump simply so bad at the whole abortion, gay marriage, and gender identity grouping of issues that he’s better off saying nothing? For someone who is so vocal on just about everything, the fact that he said nothing is telling. Some might even go so far as to say that his lack of an opinion betrays his true motives which are to do absolutely nothing for social conservatism if he’s elected President.

Trump won’t be able to stay silent for long on this issue. We expect to see something from him or his campaign very soon, but on the day when the controversy raged and conservatives looked for leadership, he was nowhere to be found.

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