Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On Twitter, David French Certainly Sounds Like He’s Running

In 2016, the popular place to find out what a pundit or politician is thinking is Twitter. As such, we’ve been monitoring David French’s Twitter account looking for signs of whether he’s going to run as a third-party conservative against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Twitter didn’t disappoint.

While he hasn’t announced that he’s going to run, it’s conspicuous that he hasn’t announced that he isn’t going to run. His first Tweet following the storm of interest stemming from millions of Americans wondering who in the world David French was non-committal:

His second Tweet throws in snark, calls out the system, and certainly sounds like a prelude to an upcoming announcement.

Reactions have been lukewarm, but it’s important to remember that they’re lukewarm by design. Trump supporters fear the spitting of the vote. They want conservatives to vote against Hillary Clinton even if it means voting for a liberal with the Republican badge loosely hanging from his Made in China ties. What wasn’t expected is to see so many liberals opposing him. One would think that the potential for French to take voters away from Trump would be a positive to them, but it seems they’re more comfortable with the “sure thing” of Trump losing to Clinton rather than risk putting an honest conservative up against the lying criminal mastermind.

For the record, our initial research into French has yielded three insights:

  1. He’s conservative, well-spoken, and driven to protect the Constitution (which is the primary responsibility of the President)
  2. If he can get the funding and build infrastructure quickly enough, he could prevent the other candidates from getting the 270 electoral college votes required, thus sending the decision to the House of Representatives
  3. All he needs is a handful of endorsements to put him on the radar and get him the exposure necessary to make him a viable option

It’s easy to say that I’d vote for him if he runs. While I need to do more research, the negatives associated with the two major-party candidates as well as Libertarian Gary Johnson means that French doesn’t have to do a lot to earn my vote.

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