Monday, April 11, 2016

Why I Built a Drudge Alternative

When I needed to see what the most important conservative news of the day was, I would go to Drudge Report. Matt Drudge and his team have done a tremendous job of bringing the right stories to the forefront in a media world that is rife with left-wing publications and journalists. All of that changed with this election. Donald Trump enamored Drudge somehow and, whether for ideological or nefarious reasons, the the site is now a haven for everything pro-Trump, anti-Cruz.

It’s not the site it was just a few months ago.

Enough is enough. While I would have liked to use this, my primary blog, as the place where I could build a Drudge alternative, I chose Social News Watch. The URL and site name better matches the idea. It has more writers so it’s not hampered by my one or two posts per day. It’s cleaner; this site is pretty much all about conservatism and Christianity while the other site has more variety.

It was a good fit.

While I had hoped it could be a purely pro-Cruz, anti-Trump site, friends and readers universally advised otherwise. Like Drudge, it will have other important news that has nothing to do with the election. It’s a righteous perspective; some people just aren’t as deeply embedded (enamored?) into the election as I am, so we’ll promote other stories as well.

True conservatism is the only ideology that can bring this country back from the brink. At every level, from individual and local up to state and federal, it’s important for patriots to stay informed about attacks on our values that are being waged across the country. That’s why I built it.

Click on Ronald Reagan to check out the new site.

Drudge Alternative

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