Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If He Can’t Man Up Against Cruz, How Will He Handle Other World Leaders? #MakeDonaldDebateAgain

After losing every debate he’s been in, Donald Trump is obviously reluctant to debate Ted Cruz. He has the lead and he lacks understanding of the issues, so conventional wisdom dictates that he should avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately, he also desperately needs the practice.

By Donald’s estimation, he’s won every debate. Of course, he refers to the “online polls” as he puts it, citing Trump-friendly Drudge Report and other “polls” that rely on mob fanboyism rather than analysis and intellect. The truth is that whenever he’s away from the stump or one of his Trump-friendly interviewers, he’s vulnerable.

What Donald and America need to realize is that operating as a leader on the world stage does not offer the safe havens he’s accustomed to during this campaign. He’ll need to be quick on his feet, knowledgeable about foreign policy, and cunning in his deliveries. Stump speeches won’t work on Vladimir Putin. He won’t be answering softball questions when facing Xi Jinping. The Middle East is not another real estate deal. If any candidate needs to be debating more in an effort to prepare himself for the role of President of the United States, it’s Donald.

There are two debates being scheduled ahead of the Indiana primary. Cruz has accepted both invitations according to his website:

“Today marks forty-six days since the last Republican debate,” said Cruz. “Forty-six days. A month and a half. The Democrats have debated. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have showed the respect the voters are due by subjecting themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. Indeed, the Democrats are talking about scheduling a second debate, and yet Donald Trump continues to cower in Trump Tower, afraid to defend his positions. The reason he’s been afraid to do so is he has no answer when he’s asked how to bring jobs back to America. He has no answer when he’s asked how to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorism. This is a serious time. The American people want and deserve a serious leader focused on jobs, freedom, and security. That’s exactly what I will be and what I will do as President.”

As of the writing of this article, Trump hasn’t accepted either.

We strongly encourage everyone to spread the word. Tweet this article to help get this hashtag trending. The narrative is focused on Trump’s big wins in the northeast. It must be shifted to the meat of the matter – the need for Donald to debate – regardless of whether you’re a Cruz or Trump supporter.

If Trump is as good as his supporters think he is, then he should be practicing for Hillary by debating as often as possible. If he’s going to be President, he needs to practice operating in an hostile environment that is less harrowing than the ones he’ll face from the Oval Office.

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