Saturday, April 16, 2016

Is Trump Using the ‘Rigged’ System in Order to Play the Victim Card?

Donald Trump is a strongman. It’s important to understand that he’s not a strong man. There are many definitions for the word “strongman” but the one that applies to Trump is, “a political leader who controls by force; dictator.” That is what Trump has been even when he wasn’t technically in the political world.

On the other hand, a strong man or a strong leader is one who has characteristics that are compelling. A strong leader doesn’t need to dictate their demands. They don’t need to have their supporters pledge fealty. They take responsibility for their actions and the repercussions of those actions. The absolutely, positively do not whine about how they were cheated by a system that has been in place for a long time. In fact, a truly great leader can adapt to the situation and plan out a proper strategy that gives them and the people they represent the best opportunity for success.

Donald Trump is not a strong man. His embarrassing losses in Colorado and Wyoming are the result of a man known for The Art of the Deal not being able to see the most basic roadblock in his path in order to seal the deal. The last week should have been his opportunity to close the deal, not suffer sad losses at the hands of a clear underdog in Ted Cruz.

There are three possibilities why he fumbled so horribly in Colorado and then failed to compete at all in Wyoming. All three point to flaws that should preclude him from ever stepping foot in the Oval Office.

  1. He’s Playing the Victim Card: This is, in my humble opinion, the most likely scenario. Most would say that possibility #2 is the most likely, but I have a hard time believing that he could have made it this far as a bumbling oaf. Instead, I believe that he planned ahead and in looking at the electoral path that he was better off playing on the sympathies of an electorate that is tired of being cheated by the Establishment. He viewed this as an opportunity to pull on the proverbial heartstrings of Republican voters because he knew that he would be suffering embarrassing defeats to Cruz in most of the remaining primaries.
  2. He’s Incompetent: Again, this is the popular choice and it very well might be true. Perhaps he really is just playing it by ear. Perhaps he’s using the only tools he knows how to use – the media – to grow in popularity and win over voters by pure exposure. Perhaps he’s winning in spite of himself and his lack of understanding of politics and the election process.
  3. He’s Bowing Out: Many have speculated that all of this is play for him to lose the election but gain the “kissing ring.” With this unlikely but possible conspiracy theory, he wants to win the most pledged delegates, then lose at the convention. From there, he’ll retain his power over millions of voters and wield this power to give a thumbs up or down to the politicians in future elections that will need his seal of approval. To earn that seal, they’ll have to kiss his ring. It’s probably the most Trumpian of the possibilities and frankly the more I type the more I realize that it might be true.

Donald Trump was not robbed. The system, if rigged, has been rigged all along and anyone who wants to be President must have the intelligence and strategic abilities to plan ahead. Trump seems to driving blind to the process just as he did with Trump Air, Trump Mortgage, or any of a long list of endeavors where he promised to make things great again only to find that his incompetence was more powerful than his sales pitch.

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