Sunday, April 10, 2016

John Kasich is Helping Trump and Hurting Ohio (and no, he’s not delusional)

There’s a narrative out there that John Kasich has one or more of a few possible ailments or character flaws. Is he too egotistical? Is he delusional? Is he political schizophrenic? Does he simply like running for President? Is he using Common Core math?

No, I’m afraid to say that John Kasich may be crazy… like a fox. What he’s doing is nothing short of brilliant on a political level. He’s positioning himself to be the most likely pick as Donald Trump’s Vice President. The only problem is that his quest for personal glory is hurting the people that elected him to govern the state of Ohio and could end up destroying the proud Republic known as the United States of America.

In Michigan, the Cruz camp reports that they were “double-crossed” by the Kasich team that had promised to vote with the Cruz delegation to place people in positions of power for the rules committee. This stinks. No, it doesn’t stink like losing. It wreaks of the desperation that John Kasich is feeling about his chances to be President. As I wrote last month, all of his talk about pushing for a brokered convention is a lie. He’s pushing for the VP spot. If there was any doubt a month ago, all of it has been erased.

Kasich is trying to be the ultimate firewall for Trump. He has one credential – winning Ohio – and he hopes that it’s enough to prove his value as a Trump VP. In the meantime, he’s playing softball with Trump as he campaigns and turns his attacks vehemently towards Cruz.

There’s no point in trying to convince Kasich that he has no chance of winning the nomination in an open convention. Zero. He knows it. Now, the only question that remains is whether he’s simply being clever or if he worked a deal as I speculated last month as early as January. Either way, he’s dealing and Trump is eating it up. At this point, with Trump as enemy #1, Cruz supporters should view him as enemy #1A.

Then, there’s Ohio.

It’s one thing to run for President as a sitting Governor when you have a chance of winning. Since Kasich has no chance of winning, he’s doing a great disservice to his home state by leaving them hanging in their precarious condition. The fact that he’s doing it all for Trump means that he could be doubling up on Ohio’s woes.

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