Saturday, April 16, 2016

Why Conservatives Against Trump are Right

There’s a common notion that if Donald Trump is the nominee, that those who oppose him will jump on board and reluctantly vote for him rather than having the debacle of a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders Presidency. For most, this will be true. For the right wing of the party, many of us will push for a third-party conservative candidate and do everything in our power to make the rest of the Republican Party see why this must be the way.

Erick Erickson and his team of conservatives have come out with their second denouncement of Trump and hinted about the third-party candidate option. They are taking a great risk; Erickson has a popular radio show in Atlanta and has been the guest host on many shows, including Rush Limbaugh’s program. By going against the party’s nominee if it turns out to be Trump, they’re risking alienating themselves and tearing apart the party.

Here’s the thing: they must do this. Conservatives must do this. Election after election, we’re being forced to submit to the Establishment’s milquetoast moderate. This year, we have an anti-Establishment moderate, albeit not milquetoast. However, outside of immigration, he’s a moderate at best and a liberal at worst. If the populists and the Establishment are bent on making sure that we never nominate a conservative, then it’s time for that particular revolt to happen.

There are different reasons for people to be part of the #NeverTrump movement. Most in the Republican party who are part of the movement will fall in line. The true conservatives who are sick of a government that continues to lean further and further to the left must make a stand right here, right now.

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