Saturday, April 9, 2016

As More True Conservatives Go #NeverTrump, the Need to Stop His Nomination Grows

Popular radio host Mark Levin has switched his stance and is now #NeverTrump. He joins other true conservative pundits like Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro, and Glenn Beck as they call for Republicans to see the existential threat to the country that Donald Trump represents.

This is important. I was listening to Levin the other day and was surprised by his tone towards a potential Trump vs. Hillary Clinton general election. She would be such a disaster for America that Levin was scolding those of us who would not do our part to keep her out of office by voting for Trump. What he didn’t realize then is that Trump has the potential to be even worse for the country if he gets the nomination. Now, thanks to attacks from Trump supporters like Roger Stone, Levin has come around to that realization.

For those who don’t fully appreciate how a Trump nomination would destroy us, here are a few bullet points:

  • We Will Lose the Senate – As the Weekly Standard points out, a Trump nomination would endanger at least six hotly contested Senate seats. For the 7 out of 10 Americans who view a Trump Presidency as repugnant, the thought of him possibly winning AND having control of the House and Senate is unimaginable. To defend against that possibility, the down ticket candidates will face near-certain elimination if Trump is their counterpart on the ticket.
  • Party Abandonment – The Libertarian, Conservative, and other right-leaning parties are ready and willing to take disenfranchised Republicans into their ranks. Trump has done a nice job at bringing out Republicans who have never participated in politics in the past, but a Trump nomination would mean that it’s now their party. These new Republican voters succumb to the authoritarian nature of Trump and will fight against conservatism, the importance of individual freedoms, and the need to limit government. That’s not to say that all Trump supporters are weak-minded; many are simply misled to believe that their strongman is a strong man.
  • The Democrats Will Almost Certainly Win – Some may say that this argument bodes ill for the #NeverTrump movement because it means that if he’s the nominee, we’ll need to galvanize around him. Here’s the thing: if he’s the nominee, he forces us to determine which evil is the lesser of the two. We’ve voted like that for years with candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney who were both much more conservative than Trump. Whether it’s right or not, the lesser-of-two-evils argument will not have the same effect. Many of us will reluctantly pass on voting for the Presidency. It’s unfortunate, but I simply cannot vote for a big government liberal regardless of whether the letter (R) or (D) is in front of their name.
  • He’s Incompetent – While his supporters cry foul because he’s failing in building an organization to gather delegates, they’re missing the point. It demonstrates how far over his head he is with this campaign. He’s winning for one reason and one reason only: the media. Without all of the attention, he would have faded based upon his asinine liberal policy proposals long ago. He could have known the rules and built a strategy to account for the dynamics of a Presidential campaign. He had the resources (after all, he’s a billionaire) and the connections to put the right people in place to implement his plan. Instead, he’s operated a campaign run by ignorant people that has succeeded in spite of itself. If he ran his campaign properly, he would have already gained the required number of delegates. The nomination should already be locked up by now. If he doesn’t have the competence to run a solid campaign, why should we expect him to be a competent President?

The evidence is clear: as bad as the Democrats would be for this country, there’s a real possibility that Trump could be even worse.

Even if you don’t believe this to be true, you must admit that he faces tremendous challenges defeating the Democrats if he’s nominated. There’s a notion that if Trump gets the nomination, he’ll rally the Establishment around him to stop Clinton or Sanders. Whether he can or not is debatable, but when rock-ribbed conservatives see him as more of a threat than the Democrats, he won’t be able to sway them. Levin and many others see his thuggish style, ignorant policy proposals, and liberal ideologies and realize that he will not be able to get the support of the conservatives even if the Establishment reluctantly backs him.

Trump is a liberal. He wants to build a wall and stop Muslims from entering the country, but so does Ted Cruz. The difference is that Trump holds these two conservative views and then turns to the left on nearly everything else. It’s not just his pro-life, anti-gun, pro-Democrat past. Many of his current ideas are liberal, including:

  • Big government
  • Increased spending
  • Affirmative action
  • Entitlements
  • Tariffs
  • Fair Trade
  • Progressive taxation
  • Touchback amnesty
  • Federal control of land
  • Planned Parenthood

All of this is happening at the wrong time. If he had run in 2008 or 2012, I probably would have supported him because the alternatives were nearly as liberal and Trump. We have an opportunity in Ted Cruz and in the other elections down ticket. This should be the year of insurgency, the anti-Establishment, pro-conservatism year. Why Trump emerged now to run the Republican party towards a liberal course is nefarious.

The conservative movement has finally gained footing in America. This was supposed to be the year when we could eject the RINOs in Congress, put a Constitutional conservative in the White House, and correct the course of the nation. Now, the ultimate RINO threatens that notion. It’s time for Trump’s supporters to wake up and smell his liberalism.

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