Friday, April 29, 2016

Reconstituting America

When considering the things that have made America the most prosperous and powerful nation in the history of the planet, there are many options. Some would say it’s the people and our embrace (albeit reluctant at times) of diversity that built this nation of immigrants. Others might point to serendipity; we are rich with natural resources and favorable conditions through which a nation can flourish. There is, of course, a spirit of excellence that has been instilled in our leadership since the first Lieutenant ordered men to attack the British in the Revolutionary War.

All of these are true and have been driven by one force: the Will of God. Before you click away, this is not going to be a preachy article. It’s important for those who believe to never lose sight of our Father as the reason for all of our blessings. Even if you’re not a believer, the only difference in understanding our greatness would be the source. Whether by divine intervention or a fortuitous set of circumstances coming together over the last 240 years, America is still the greatest country in the world because of one gift from our founders: the Constitution.

Liberals and populists often view the Constitution as an outdated document that couldn’t possibly be flawless today. They would be wrong. The guiding tenets and specific rules set forth in the Constitution were written for all time by men who had experience with living under tyranny. They had a clear understanding of the potential for governments to be corrupted by power, so they established a set of checks and balances that would keep the power from being centralized. They knew that government has within its nature the desire to grow and that even with the best intentions, too much power invariably leads to reduction or destruction of individual liberties. They knew how precious freedom is and they realized that it must always be protected above nearly all other principles.

The Constitution isn’t perfect, but it’s flawless. Some will, at this point, try to point out the flaws within the Constitution that needed to be amended, but that in itself is a testimony to the flawless nature of the Constitution. You see, there’s a reason that Constitutional Amendments are so few and far between. If they were easy to achieve, the desire to make changes for the sake of a generation’s situation would be too strong to ignore even if that change could hurt in the future. The ability for the Constitution to be corrected based upon a super-majority in Congress or the states meant that it had the power to evolve at the proper pace. Changes cannot be frivolous, but they also cannot be impossible. This is one of the most beautiful gifts the founders gave to all generations that followed them.

For over two decades, a large portion of the population has been indoctrinated to favor a belief in downplaying the importance of the Constitution. There are many reasons that this is happening, but the two most prominent are systematic. First, there is the shifting of values that liberals have been pushing harder and harder since Ronald Reagan left the White House. This shift has been spiked by the Obama administration and manifests in nationwide gay marriage (which should be a state issue), superseding of 1st Amendment rights such as religious liberty, and most recently the willingness to endanger women and children for the sake of being sensitive to someone’s lifestyle choices. This has all been expected and it represents the constant battle that must be fought between conservatism and liberalism. It’s a dialogue that can be healthy for a nation that is so culturally diverse. If it were the only battle, there wouldn’t really be a problem.

Unfortunately, it’s not in a bubble. There’s another issue that’s much worse. Conservatism is being downgraded within the Republican party itself to the point that it’s now considered the fringe. There has always been a battle between “the Establishment” and/or “the Neocons” versus the Constitutional conservatives, but the corruption of big government Republicans solidifying power through the media, lobbyists, and big business cronyism has pushed the party further to the left than it has ever been.

The pledge to defend the Constitution, once considered a doctrine of public service, has been relegated to a portion of the formality required to grab the spoils of political victory. The promises politicians make to govern within the bounds of the Constitution used to be a clarion call that guided leaders in the Republican party. Today, it’s simply an applause line during campaign rallies that holds no sway over most once they assume office.

Reconstituting America is a task that must be undertaken now. It’s two-fold. First, we must return to the Constitutional bounds of governance that will keep the nation aligned away from the corruption that has seeped into Washington DC. Second, we must take those components of government that are broken and either fix or eliminate them. There’s too much government. It’s engulfing our freedoms and spitting out the chewed up remains in the gutters along K Street. Two decades of decadence have left the country on the verge of collapse that so few people see coming. Some are sitting around enjoying our iPads and sipping on Mai Tais while our foundation erodes beneath us. Others are being crushed by their financial burdens, unable to see the troubles coming around the corner because they have to feed their families this afternoon. Still others are bent on our own destruction from within. The country must be reconstituted and the only way to do this is by electing leaders who will live by the principles that brought us to this point of prosperity in the first place.

The fight against the left will always be there. The fight from within the Republican party must be won now, today, because without the banner of conservatism, the GOP is no better than the Democratic party. This is why I refuse to support Donald Trump. Beyond the stump speeches and promises to build his wall, the doctrines of liberalism that he espouses are more suitable for the Democratic party than the party of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan.

There are so few Constitutional conservatives in Congress today; out of 535 men and women on Capitol Hill, less than 50 of them are true Constitutionalists. Ted Cruz is one of them. Of the candidates remaining, only Cruz has the ideology and the plan to reconstitute America.

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