Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Last Leg Begins with Indiana, the Crossroads of America

As expected, Donald Trump swept the Northeast states. It’s important to understand that it was expected because it means that nothing has changed in the math. For Trump to get to 1,237, he needs to win in Indiana.

What this really means is that for Ted Cruz to stay alive, he must win Indiana. He needs to win most the state delegates which are winner-takes-all. He needs to win most of the congressional districts which are also winner-takes-all. If he can do this, then the rest of the schedule favors a contested convention and therefore a Cruz nomination.

I’ll keep this short: If you’re a Cruz supporter, now is the time. This is it. Do or die. Make or break. He needs every ounce of support possible. Share on social media. Donate to his campaign. If you live in Indiana, read up everything you can about him and make the pitch to your Republican friends.

If you’re a Trump supporter, disregard. Trump already his it locked up, right? Go about your regular business.

If you’re a John Kasich supporter, reread the Constitution and switch your vote to Cruz.

Indiana is either the final battleground if Trump wins or the start of the final push for Cruz if he wins. From there, the circus comes to towns in Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, and Washington before the five state finish in June which includes all-important California. For the first time in my lifetime, California may decide the fate of the Republican party and the country.

This is going to be fun!

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