Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Growing False Narrative in the Media is the Only Thing that can Stop Ted Cruz

This has been an exceptional Presidential nomination cycle. On both sides, it’s really unlike anything we’ve seen in the modern era. The likely GOP candidate to reach the magic number of 1,237 is Ted Cruz. You probably haven’t heard that very much in the news. This is being done by design.

The false narrative that has been building up since before the first vote was cast in Iowa is that Cruz doesn’t have a proper path to the nomination. Nearly all of the talking heads in mainstream media were declaring that Marco Rubio was on track to be the nominee after finishing THIRD in Iowa. Then, we fast forward to each subsequent caucus and primary and the talking points have been divided into two choices depending on how Cruz did. If he won, he was expected to win. If he lost, he’s toast. After Donald Trump’s big victory in New York, the drums have been beating as loudly as possible from the media that he’s the presumptive nominee.

That’s the narrative they want to build. The Republican Establishment, the Democrats, and the mainstream media all want us to believe that Cruz cannot win. It’s a false narrative being built for different reasons. For the Republicans, the fear of a Cruz Presidency is practically debilitating to them. Many are coming to grips with the idea that they’d rather rebuild in four years from a Trump loss in the general election than face being exposed for the big government crony capitalist moderates that they are if Cruz wins the White House. The Democrats would much rather have Hillary Clinton face Trump because he’s the only candidate who is more corrupt and less likable than she is. The media backs the Democrats. All anti-conservative weapons are being pointed squarely at Cruz.

Here’s the reality. If Cruz can win Indiana and stay close or even beat Trump in California, it’s virtually impossible for Trump to get 1,237 delegates on the first ballot. If it goes to a second ballot, Cruz’s chances of getting to 1,237 are much higher than Trump’s. New York didn’t change that. Trump’s upcoming victories in the Northeast states on Tuesday won’t change that, either. Indiana will decide whether the race continues. After that, California will decide the outcome.

Cruz will win Indiana unless the media can make their false narrative stick. Polls show it to be close. In fact, they’re very similar to Iowa before Cruz came in and won. That was a caucus state, so we can’t really count on the same results, but the most demographically similar state to Indiana is Wisconsin which Cruz won handily.

California is a different story, but at this point in the race the polls are worthless. We have over a month until then. Early voting starts shortly after Indiana results are in, so a win becomes even more important for Cruz.

With all of this understood, there’s only one conclusion for Cruz supporters: keep fighting tooth and nail. Don’t listen to the mainstream media’s narrative. Don’t lose hope. Cruz has run an incredible campaign and his strength in delegates will result in the nomination as long as we can keep the pressure up, win in Indiana, and do well in California. All of the other states are pretty much set.

As Trump’s policies keep shifting to the left, Republicans are starting to realize that he’s a Democrat clothed in the singular conservative principle of building a wall (which Cruz has wanted to do since 2012). We need to persevere through the lies being told by the media and remain resolute in our convictions to make the last conservative in the race the next GOP nominee.

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