Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trump isn’t getting Cheated. He’s Demonstrating Presidential Incompetence.

I’ll keep this short. Donald Trump is crying about losing delegates and being cheated by the RNC, the “Establishment,” and Ted Cruz. His fans are up in arms over it. The reality is that they should be questioning their candidate’s ability to adapt to the role of President of the United States based upon the complete and utter incompetence that he’s demonstrating in this campaign.

For those who will say, “He’s not incompetent because he’s winning,” I’ll charge that he’s winning in spite of his incompetence. He’s winning because the left-wing mainstream media so desperately wants Hillary Clinton to be the nominee that they’re trying to stack the deck with the worst Republican candidate in history (yes, worse than Bob Dole or Barry Goldwater). He’s winning because of 24/7 Trump coverage and an unwillingness to report on any of his most ludicrous policy proposals or “unfairness’ claims.

His incompetence is showing. It’s a harbinger for what his Presidency will be. Let’s look at Colorado, for example. His fans are looking at the system and crying foul.

What they don’t realize is that “the system” for elections is far simpler for Trump to grasp than the system of American Presidential politics. If he thinks it’s hard to put the right names on the ballots or to pick people who can send in the delegate fee, he’s in for a shock if he ever sits in the Oval Office. It’s much harder to be President. There are those who will say that he’ll change the system when he gets there. That’s not how it works. I don’t care how persuasive Trump is, he’s not going to be able to convert the White House into Trump Towers and run it like a business. Just as he learned with Trump Air, you can’t change the rules of the game to suit you.

Perhaps more importantly, we shouldn’t want to change the system. We should elect someone who can work within the system like Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, or any President that has worked within the Constitutional requirements of the office to establish America’s true greatness. This horrible and disgusting system, as Trump’s fans call it, is the system that got us to where we are today. Don’t blame the system for voters that put in Barack Obama, George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton. They manipulated the system just as Trump plans to do to fit their narrative and it’s destroying the country. It’s not the system. It’s the people. Trump is part of that problem.

Instead of asking how to change the system, voters should be asking why the GOP frontrunner was incapable of putting the right names on HIS ballots when he knew what was necessary months ago. The Presidency is more than hogging up television air time. He has to make good decisions and thus far his decisions have been amateur and untenable.

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