Sunday, April 3, 2016

If His Campaign is Any Indicator (which it is), John Kasich Would Be the Worst President

It’s easy to like John Kasich. He seems like a sincere guy and he’s passionate about winning the GOP nomination no matter what he has to do to win it. Unfortunately, he’s also a beneficiary of the very thing he claims is working against him: lack of publicity. If he were ever to have the spotlight shining on him, voters on both sides of the aisle would realize that he doesn’t belong in the top 10 list of GOP candidates, let alone the final three.

Before anyone jumps in to point out the massive amount of free publicity that Donald Trump has received when compared to Kasich, it’s important to keep in mind that Ted Cruz has suffered the same handicap and flourished as a result. Part of running a Presidential campaign is inspiring people regardless of who in the press is against you. Cruz has many more enemies that Kasich, yet he’s been able to stay relevant and win states. Kasich won his home state and may head into the convention with over 50 primaries and caucuses lost. That’s well known and arguably the biggest reason that he should drop out, but that doesn’t seem to be working so we’ll point out more reasons.

His campaign is a joke. He’s unable to raise enough money to fight this battle. He’s unable to get his message out to voters and when he does, he’s unable to win. That says something about the candidate when he still hasn’t eclipsed Marco Rubio in victories despite being on several more ballots.

He ran through New Hampshire like there was no tomorrow and still lost. Then, he put all of his eggs in the Michigan and Ohio baskets, winning one. Now, mathematically eliminated from being able to win the nomination outright, he’s pushing for a contested convention that will magically go his way despite every indication that it absolutely won’t. He’s running a campaign based upon delusions. Campaigns are the precursor, the tryout for the position of President of the United States. If his campaign is delusional, what could possibly make us believe that his Presidency wouldn’t be equally delusional?

Here’s the ad that, as Politistick stated, would end his political career if this were a sane world:

In Trumpspeak, John Kasich is a loser who choked in every contest other than his home state. In regular English, John Kasich has done nothing with his campaign other than demonstrate that he’s the least qualified of all the candidates (including Democrats) to lead this country.

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