Monday, April 18, 2016

Mr. Trump: In Accusing Patriotic Delegates of Being Bought, You’ve Gone Too Far

Donald Trump has no idea what it takes to be a delegate. It is an honor that requires many years of consistent commitment to the state, the party, and the country. It is offensive that Trump believes these people are being “bought” by the Ted Cruz campaign. Cruz can handle the rhetoric and insults; it’s part of running a campaign against Trump. Delegates, on the other hand, do not deserve the belittling that they’re receiving from this small, unexceptional man.

These people are the grassroots of the Republican party. Most were bleeding conservatism when Trump was still pushing for partial-birth abortion and gun bans. They were serving their party and their country when Trump was bragging about affairs with married women. They were fighting for Republicans to fix the country when Trump was helping the Democrats destroy it. For these reasons, I have an open letter I would love for him to read:

Mr. Trump:

How dare you assign your morale degradation and penchant for buying and selling people to the men and women who are trying to save the nation from the destruction you are attempting to bring on us. Your willingness to “play the system” with bankruptcies and political corruption have hurt so many people throughout your life. Accountability is not your thing, but please refrain from narcissistic projection of your weaknesses onto people who do not deserve it.

Instead of bashing the delegates, you should be applauding their commitment. As a billionaire who was born into a real estate empire, you can never appreciate the effort it takes to save up money in order to pay to go to Cleveland. Many receive limited or no compensation and are willing to make personal sacrifices because the Republic is that important to them.

Instead of accusing them, you should be talking to them, hearing what they want, and telling them what you will do. Not all of them have read your policies on you Twitter feed. In fact, you would do well to learn from many of them who know much more about fixing this country than you do.

Instead of belittling them, you should be heralding their service to this country. Many of them served in the Vietnam War that you were conveniently “physically unfit” to serve in. Many of them fought in the Middle East wars that you’ve repeatedly bashed. Instead of telling the world how corrupt they are for picking a candidate other than you, show them whatever positive character traits you can muster to convince them that you’re good for America.

Many people can give a speech. Many people can deliver a sales pitch. You are very good at both, but those abilities alone will not be enough to serve this country if you’re elected President. Demonstrate the ability to unify without whining. Prove to us that you’re capable of being a statesman, not just a salesman.

It’s important for you to understand something about the Republican party. There is corruption. There are those who say one thing to get elected only to fail to fulfill their promises. That fact has made a majority in the party upset. You are taking advantage of this need for us to fight against the Establishment, but by going after the grassroots rather than attacking the root of the problem, you are actually helping the Establishment. Instead of attacking delegates, you should be attacking Mitch McConnell, one of the Establishment types that you have helped to keep in power. You should be helping Senators Lee and Sessions (who endorsed you) pass legislation and move up in party leadership.

Chances are slim that you will read this and they’re even slimmer that you would learn anything from it, but if there is one takeaway that you must understand, it’s this: The President of the United States is a servant. We’ve seen Presidents falling away from the understanding that the President makes decisions on our behalf, but to do so properly you must be willing to humble yourself to the role of one who serves us. We do not serve you.

I will fight your nomination until the choice is finalized. Your antics have demonstrated a complete lack of the moral character and leadership that I feel the office requires. Regardless of the outcome of the nomination process and the election, it is my sincere hope that you will not use the goodwill you’ve accumulated with your supporters to further damage the Republican party and the United States of America. You have a responsibility to the nation that enabled your rise to prominence. Do not disregard that responsibility by acting as you have for your entire public life as a man who is most interested in gaining favor and approval from others.


JD Rucker

If you even remotely agree with the sentiment of this post, I humbly ask that you help to spread it to the masses. It’s a request I’ve never made of a post, but I believe it’s important for Mr. Trump to read this and make some choices about how he is to proceed whether he wins the nomination or not.

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