Friday, March 11, 2016

Yes, Social Security is Careening Toward Insolvency Regardless of MSM Spin

Social Security is a blight on the economic stability of this nation. This is no longer a generational problem. It’s not something that our grandchildren or even our children are going to have to deal with based upon the most accurate analyses available. It’s going to affect this generation. Today’s 30-45-yr-olds have a 95% chance of facing insolvency before we’re eligible to receive it, but many liberals and mainstream media talking heads believe that this is a distant problem.

At the last GOP Debate, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio rightly pointed out that it’s a complete disaster that must be dealt with immediately. It’s not an issue for the President we elect in 2024 or 2028. If liberals like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump get their way, this problem will start to manifest within one or two decades. It’s an issue that has been so mishandled by the left and the media that some might point to conspiracy theories that they want this to be the financial demise of the country and the trigger for economic collapse around the world. While I don’t subscribe to New World Order destruction scenarios, this is the one that actually makes the most sense. The willful blindness towards the issue is disgusting.

Next to the Supreme Court appointees, this issue represents the biggest long-term existential problem the next President will face. It’s the elephant in the next room, the one that every politician with the possible exception of Donald Trump knows is sitting there waiting to stomp on us. It’s also the issue that for decades has been pushed off to future generations because it’s such a strain on any administration to tackle. Congress sees it looming and still opts to handle more “pressing” issues that affect us immediately. Presidents look at reports and see that they’ll be out of office before it rears its ugly head in the public conscience, so they punt as well. It has to stop with THIS election, right here, right now.

That’s what makes spin pieces like the CBS report on the issue so infuriating:

It’s strange yet expected that they would look at the issue, declare in their article that the most favorable estimates put insolvency at 18-years away, and somehow try to spin this as a positive. They were gracious enough to include the report that puts disaster less than a decade away as well, but then continue to spin that it could be as far away as 24-years. They and all who ignore this type of issue (yet trumpet the doom and gloom of global warming) are complicit if it’s allowed to sink the economy and hurt tens of millions of Americans.

What everyone needs to understand is that it may be too late already. This should have been handled by Bill Clinton, then George W. Bush, and definitely by Barack Obama. Now, it’s time for drastic measures. Rubio and Cruz get this. Trump and Clinton do not. Then again, they might think it’s an issue that they can punt rather than address because for the sake of winning votes, telling people the cold hard facts is often not the easiest way to get elected. Trump’s and Clinton’s stances are the populist view based upon the ignorance of an American electorate that sticks its head in the sand because so many of our political leaders choose to do the same.

It’s a sad testament to the gullibility of a society that will look at global warming as a looming existential threat but that ignores Social Security because it’s not a very sexy topic to discuss at election time. If we don’t act immediately with THIS election, we will be crushed under the weight of Social Security before the average temperature rises another degree.

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