Saturday, March 19, 2016

Did the Obama administration already walk back their ‘genocide’ designation on the Islamic State?

All of the kudos being given to the Obama administration for labeling the atrocities committed by the Islamic State as “genocide” are premature. There is no indication that anything will come from this harshly worded condemnation. Words are words. Extreme actions are the only things that can possibly make a difference in the lives of those suffering today and the first step by the administration following the designation was to declare that they’re under no obligation to do anything about it.

While most news outlets are still focused on the declaration, very few are pointing out the lack of tangible action.

Fox News reports:

The designation affirms that the definition of “genocide” under U.S. law has been met. Because the U.S. has ratified the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, it must now seek enforcement of the Convention.

Obama Administration officials have already asserted that “Kerry’s finding will not obligate the United States to take additional action against ISIS militants . . . .” The United States must lead the world in defending Christians from genocide, not merely pay lip service to their plight as they are slaughtered. And the United Nations needs to do its part on the world’s stage.

The irony here is that they’re declaring that there’s no obligation to take “additional action” in a situation where many conservatives have criticized them for taking no action. The upgraded air strikes against the Islamic State have yet to yield substantial fruit and the attempt to arm the “rebels” in Syria proved to be a complete waste of time, energy, and taxpayer dollars.

This administration is absolutely obligated to do something rather than waiting for the next President. It’s conspicuous that Secretary of State John Kerry and not President Obama made the declaration. He cannot be allowed to punt this terrible situation down the road. He must act now.

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