Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Fight for the Survival of the Country Comes Down to John Kasich’s Ego

Despite every effort to do otherwise, I’ve grown to like John Kasich. I really do. He’s proven that he truly cares for America and has some good ideas about how to make it better. Unfortunately, now he’s also proving that his love for America falls just shy of his love for his own political career. At this point, John Kasich is enemy #1 in my book.

If Kasich has his way, the country will fall. That’s only an outrageous statement if you don’t assume three things:

  • A Hillary Clinton Presidency would be worse than the last eight years we’ve suffered under Barack Obama
  • A Donald Trump nomination will harm the Republican party and will ensure a Hillary Clinton Presidency (and if it doesn’t, a Trump Presidency could be even worse)
  • A brokered convention that does not yield the frontrunner as the nominee will destroy the Republican party and ensure a Hillary Clinton Presidency

Those are the options. They’re assumptions that should be very clearly understood by all but the most loyal Trump supporters or Democrats. If you’re a conservative or moderate Republican, the writing is on the wall. We are being weighed in the balance and at this point we’re being found wanting. This is bad. John Kasich can fix it.

It comes down to ego. If Kasich wants to help the country, the best way he can do that is to join Ted Cruz’s campaign and earn a spot in the administration. Personally, I’d like to see him as the VP choice (yes, even over Carly Fiorina or Marco Rubio, both of whom I like). He would make a great VP, a very good Secretary of State, and is uniquely qualified to fill just about any major cabinet position based upon an exceptional level of knowledge across the board.

The problem is his ego. That’s the only possible reason that a man of his intelligence can come to the conclusion that a nomination through a brokered convention could somehow yield a positive result. There’s the conspiracy theory that he’s the pawn of a nebulous Republican Establishment, but I’m not buying into that yet. We’ll see, but I believe it’s more likely he’s being manipulated into bringing about a Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan nomination through convention, but I don’t believe he’s doing it willfully. I could be wrong, but I’m hopeful that it really is just ego. At least with ego there’s a chance he’ll come to his senses before it’s too late.

John Kasich has no mathematical path to the nomination and a brokered convention will destroy the party and sink the country into Clinton hell. If he can be made to get over himself and think with the country’s best interests in mind, there’ still hope.

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