Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My love for America supersedes my concerns about Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio. Ben Carson. Carly Fiorina. John Kasich. Bobby Jindal. In no particular order, those are the GOP candidates I would have wanted to be the nominee instead of Ted Cruz. On the other hand, Chris Christie and Donald Trump were at the bottom of my list of potential nominees, so this should be an easy choice.

It wasn’t. In fact, I’ve sweated over this for a long time knowing that my chance to vote is coming up soon. I would have loved to have seen Rubio or Kasich win more than they’ve won and make a case for being the alternative to Trump. I think either one of them would take down Hillary Clinton faster than Trump’s security team takes down protesters at his rallies, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, we have the choice of an ethically challenged liberal crook or an ideologue who may be too conservative to win the general election…

…except that he’s not. After much research, I realize with a near certainty that the only candidate Clinton or even Bernie Sanders could possibly defeat is Trump. Cruz might be polarizing, but he’s ethically sound and has a track record of conservatism that will lead him to victory in November if he’s given the chance. That’s a big “if.” Trump is blocking his path, but it would be very easy for Cruz to overcome Trump if the real roadblocks to his nomination were to get out of the way quickly. I like Kasich. I like Rubio. Both of them have to go immediately.

They shouldn’t wait until the win or lose their own states. Despite conventional wisdom that tells us they should win their states and keep those delegates away from Trump, the reality is that winning their states would only confuse the issue and losing their states would give Trump huge momentum. The only certain way defeat Donald Trump is if Kasich and Rubio do their patriotic duty, drop out, and endorse Ted Cruz. They have time to sway the vote in his direction in their states. In fact, Rubio is barely ahead of Cruz in some polls.

The other reason they need to leave quickly is Missouri and North Carolina. While it would be bad if Trump were to win the larger delegate counts in Ohio and Florida, the chance that he could sweep all five states on the next Super Tuesday is only viable with Rubio and Kasich in the race. If they drop out, they could help deliver their states to Cruz and they would allow Cruz to win North Carolina and Missouri. Illinois would be tougher, but it’s not out of the question.

Cruz was not at the top of my list, but Trump has been at the bottom of my list for a long time. He represents the most easiest path for Clinton to be President and must be stopped at all costs. My vote is going to Ted Cruz whether Kasich and Rubio drop out or not.

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