Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why the Drudge Report is Dead to Me Now

For the record, I don’t fault publications or news aggregators for supporting any candidates. It’s their right and in America (for now) everyone is entitled to an opinion. There comes a time, however, when a news site is influential enough within the journalistic world that they should not actively suppress news just because it goes contrary to their agenda. It’s not a long list – Yahoo, CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed fall into this category and even when their agenda is being sacrificed, they report it if it’s big enough news.

Drudge Report falls into this category. As one of the most trafficked 150 websites in the country, it’s a standard go-to site for journalists, pundits, and news hounds. They’ve made no secret of their love affair with Donald Trump, going so far as to bash his competitors with their top news story section that sends hundreds of thousands, even millions of visitors to the story. Unfortunately, they never return the favor if there’s anything bad spoken about Trump even if it’s the biggest story of the day. Case-in-point: Trump’s flip-flop on punishing women for having abortions.. Drudge was completely silent. In fact, their second most populated section, the small links at the top just above the primary headline story, went after Ted Cruz while Trump was floundering.

Drudge Trump

I get it. Matt Drudge loves Trump. He doesn’t want anyone to know about Trump’s weaknesses and he wants to point a spotlight on anything that can help him get the GOP nomination. However, he and his publication have a responsibility to not hide the truth. They can highlight all they want, spin it in whatever direction they choose, and be the biggest Trump cheerleaders in the world, but when their boy messes up as badly as he has this week, one would expect honor to kick in even if it’s a simple message. Nothing. Drudge is no longer a news source. It’s simply another variation of the free publicity Trump has grown accustomed to from mainstream media during this election cycle.



Dead to me now.

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