Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cruz Has Big Lead in Wisconsin. He Needs it to Get Bigger.

This stage of the GOP Presidential nomination process comes down to a single component: delegates. This is no longer a race to see who can get the majority. We’re in a plurality race with Donald Trump in the driver’s seat but with Ted Cruz seeing a path to having as much if not more delegates than Trump when the primaries are done.

Wisconsin may be the most pivotal state to date. Not only is it a stand-alone that could represent the first primary day when Trump doesn’t notch a victory. It’s also conceivable that Trump can walk away without a single additional delegate. If that happens, if Cruz can take all of the delegates, it will set the momentum leading into the home stretch of this race.

The winner of the state contest is guaranteed delegates, but each district has its own individual delegates that are given to the candidate with the most votes in each. This methodology means that Cruz and his large lead will almost certainly win the state and the most delegates, but he could really use the psychological boost of winning all of the districts as well.

Cruz supporters must remain very focused. Now is not the time for complacency. The fact that Cruz is winning in the state isn’t enough. It’s time to send a message by delivering every delegate to the only conservative left in the race.

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