Friday, March 25, 2016

Of Course the National Enquirer Story is False and Donald Trump is Almost Certainly Behind It

The National Enquirer has had a history of breaking political sex scandals. That’s the only reason that there’s any shred of doubt about Senator Ted Cruz and fidelity with his wife, Heidi. Otherwise, the tabloid would be laughed off by nearly everyone, even the lowest of the low-information voters. The fact that it’s been right in the past is compelling, but it’s simply not true for Ted Cruz.

In the age of smartphones and political scrutiny, it’s extremely difficult for any politician to have an affair that goes unnoticed. It’s almost impossible for a Presidential candidate to do so. It’s beyond the realm of lunacy to believe that with all of the attacks and hard feelings that have been going on in this current Presidential primary season that now, after all but three GOP candidates have dropped out, that Cruz has been able to hide five affairs. Logically, it’s impossible.

However, we’re in the world of Donald Trump, now. It’s conspicuous that all of this is coming out now. It’s even more conspicuous that the number five was used. It’s a power number, a legitimizing force in the psychology of American politics that goes beyond the Biblical word of two witnesses. Five is a justification number. It validates. It’s designed to shred doubts. It’s exactly what Donald Trump would do to smear his mortal enemy.

Trump has maintained an extremely friendly relationship with the Enquirer for years. He has been known to both influence them and to be protected from their rumor-mongering shtick. They don’t mess with him and he helps them whenever he can. That’s how the Donald controls the media. It’s why he’s protected.

If anything in the reports turns out to be true, I’ll shave my head or some other gimmicky punishment that readers want. I know in my heart that it cannot be true, not just because I know and support Ted Cruz but because I know and loathe Donald Trump and tabloid journalism in general. This is the type of move that he would make because it goes after his bread-and-butter supporters: low-information voters. The people who can be swayed in the checkout line to buy gossip magazines are the same people that vote for Trump in droves.

There’s a silver lining. Once it’s determined that Cruz did not have five extra-marital affairs, hopefully the media (with the help of his supporters) will spread the righteous word that this was just another Donald Trump smear.

If, against all odds and logic, this turns out out to be even partially true, I would drop my support for Cruz. Knowing what I know while we wait for the facts to come out, I’m not worried in the least bit. Trump can manipulate the weak-minded into believing garbage, but the rest of us must remain stalwart in our discernment.

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