Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Only Logical Reason that Newt Gingrich is Sort of Supporting Donald Trump

As of the writing of this article, former Speaker of the House and Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has not officially endorsed Donald Trump. With that said, pretty much everything he’s saying and doing indicates that he is 100% on board the Trump Train. Why would a known conservative be supporting someone so clearly moderate, even liberal?

There have been many speculations posted as to why this is the case. The most common one is that he’s been promised a role in a Trump administration. As appealing of a reason as this is and considering that it’s likely the case for endorsements from Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions, and others, this is not the case for Gingrich. It’s not that he hasn’t been offered a spot. It’s that he very likely hasn’t accepted one because he’s way too smart to taint himself at this point. Keep in mind that this is because he supports Trump even more than he claims publicly. By not officially endorsing him, Gingrich is afforded more credibility when he speaks to the power brokers in DC.

As far as a role, there’s one waiting for him. He may or may not accept it in the future, but the only one that would be truly appealing to him is the one that very few are discussing: Vice President. If Trump gets the nomination and Gingrich is tapped for VP, I will have been completely wrong because it’s the type of deal that Trump would have made and that Gingrich would have already accepted. However, anything short of VP will be an afterthought. In other words, whatever Trump offered, if anything, Gingrich told him to hold off on serious discussions until after he had his run through the GOP ranks.

The second most popular scenario is that Gingrich knows more about Trump than the rest of us. He has talked to him, advised him, and has come to the conclusion that at the end of the day Trump is more conservative than his history or campaign actions would lead us to believe. Again, this is unlikely for two reasons. First, Gingrich isn’t stupid. Second, Trump isn’t conservative. It’s highly unlikely that Gingrich would have been swayed based upon Trump’s sales pitch.

After a limited amount of thought (not much was necessary), I’ve come to the conclusion that the most likely scenario is that Gingrich simply isn’t as conservative as most of us once believed. His actions in Congress didn’t always match his rhetoric, but many of us chose to ignore this in 2012 when he was running against moderate Mitt Romney and pseudo-conservative Rick Santorum.

With what we know now, it seems like it was potentially a good thing that Gingrich didn’t get the nomination in 2012. He probably would have beaten Barack Obama and could have prevented us from having the opportunity to nomination Ted Cruz today. That can only happen if Gingrich doesn’t get his way once again.

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