Thursday, March 17, 2016

It’s the Senate that should be Apologizing to Ted Cruz

In these strange political times, one would expect the United States Senate to be the last remaining vestige of civility and stability within a government body that has deteriorated over the last eight years. It should be the Senate that’s doing what they can with their rules and precious decorum to stand up against Donald Trump with a unified voice that says, “No, that’s not acceptable.”

Instead, it’s the Senate that is doing more to enable and even promote Donald Trump than any other entity in Washington DC. Their stubborn refusal to acknowledge their own weaknesses and disgraceful activities for the past decade is giving Trump the ammunition he needs to take down Cruz. Now, they want Cruz to apologize for his “mistakes” and kiss the ring of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a man that Cruz famously called a liar after it was revealed that he (gasp!) lied.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are the only men with honor in the entire Senate. They are the ones who kept their promise to uphold the Constitution and defend the rights of Americans by fulfilling what they said they would do when they were running for office in the first place. It’s Ted Cruz who stood alone against Obamacare when his colleagues were busy cutting deals. Only Ted Cruz has remained faithful to his constituents and brought a resolute stance in an attempt to deliver the changes the Republican Party promised in order to get the majority in the Senate in the first place.

Every Senator other than Cruz and Lee have failed. They have betrayed Americans to one extent or another and they are constantly lying in order to save their special interests and maintain their status. Even some of the “honorable” Senators like Rand Paul and Jeff Sessions have bowed down to the Republican Establishment leaders in the Senate as well as the dictator-in-waiting, Donald Trump.

Now, it appears that the Senate is preparing to hear from President Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee despite promises that they would wait for the next President to nominate someone. As Steve Berman at The Resurgent put it:

This is just another in a long string of betrayals from our Republican congress. Ted Cruz shouldn’t apologize. The GOP-controlled senate would rather have Donald Trump lose in a landslide to Hillary than put Cruz in the White House. It is they who should apologize to voters, and when Trump destroys the GOP and they’re at home lamenting their losses, they’ll learn.

If the Senate would do its job as an entity and if Senators were held accountable as individuals, we wouldn’t see anyone asking Ted Cruz to apologize to them. In fact, they would be following Cruz’s lead on many issues and President Obama would not be free-spending on every issue that tickles his fancy.

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