Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Will Trump Sue North Korea for Ridiculing Him?

The short answer is, “no,” but don’t think that he hasn’t considered it.Therein lies the problem with Donald Trump and foreign affairs.

We know Trump. He has very thin skin. When anyone attacks him, he ramps it up to nuclear levels. As a realtor and reality TV star, this ramping up of his insecure defense mechanisms have yielded very little damage (other than hundreds of lawsuits, four bankruptcies, and a football league). As President, he becomes instantly dangerous.

As detailed on The Blaze, North Korea’s response to Trump’s pledge to speak with Kim Jong-un was only mildly insulting by Trump’s standards:

The problem is that this minor insult will go a long way if he were to be elected President.

We don’t support Hillary Clinton, but we also cannot support Trump. This latest offense was just a foolish attempt to garner more votes so the hope is that it won’t escalate. On the other hand, hoping that anything involving perceived insults or threats to Trump will almost always escalate.

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