Monday, May 2, 2016

Cruz Will Win Indiana if Media Spin is Ignored

On Tuesday, voters in Indiana go to the polls to determine the future of this country. Most are saying that if Ted Cruz can’t win Indiana, his chances approach nil for getting the Republican nomination. While that’s debatable, we’ll stipulate it for now.

What we won’t stipulate is that Donald Trump has already won Indiana. That’s simply not true. The media will tell you to look at the polls. They’ll tell you that this factor is against Cruz or that decision is going to hurt him.

Here’s what the media won’t tell you. They won’t mention that Cruz was behind in Iowa leading up to the caucus. They won’t tell you that he was WAY behind in Oklahoma ahead of the primary. They won’t mention that Trump’s choices are also being weighed and considering the debacle of a foreign policy speech he gave ahead of the Indiana vote, it’s clear that not enough people were watching. If they were, Trump’s candidacy would be declared null and void.

They even tried to spin Governor Mike Pence’s endorsement as lukewarm for Cruz and beneficial for Trump. While his press conference was not the inspirational call to arms that Cruz has received from Governors like Scott Walker and Rick Perry, it was an endorsement nonetheless. Now, he’s out campaigning with Cruz and trying to alert Indiana voters about the substantive issues that face the state and the country. Compared to Mike Tyson’s endorsement of Trump, Pence’s should hold quite a bit more weight.

Liberal mainstream media knows they have a loser in Hillary Clinton. They know that the only chance she has of winning the White House is if they can help get Trump nominated by the GOP and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. It can be said that the press controls the fates of politicians. It’s been happening for decades. This year, in this state, it cannot be allowed to happen.

Cruz reaches conservatives. He reaches true Christians. He reaches the intelligent voters who are coming to realize that Donald Trump doesn’t have a plan for most of America’s problems. The few plans that he actually does have are amateur at best and destructive at worst.

As a man of faith, I believe that this is in God’s hands. How our Creator initiates His plan is by working through the people and at this point, those people are Indiana voters. We are being tested. It’s a test for all Americans and it has come down to the Crossroads of America.

The people of Indiana are free-thinkers. They don’t need the press to tell them who’s going to win. They’ll determine that on their own which is why I’m confident that Cruz will be declared Indiana’s choice on Tuesday night.

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