Monday, May 23, 2016

Betrayal in Vietnam Demonstrates Obama’s Lack of Understanding in Foreign Relations

As President Obama lifts arms sanctions against Vietnam, the hard hitting reality of his incompetence in foreign relations is in full bloom. This is a bad move all around.

On the surface, this is an insult to those who fought in the Vietnam War. That should not be taken lightly. There’s no need to go into details about this.

When we dig deeper into the geopolitical reasoning behind this move, it becomes scarier. The President’s standard operating procedure of relinquishing leverage and embracing globalization has been on display throughout his two terms and this is the latest example. In an ideal world, this could be used to position Vietnam as another player in the fight against China’s expansion in the South China Sea. Vietnam has been at odds with China’s expansion into waters that Vietnam claims as their own, so it makes sense to empower them as an additional threat.

The problem is that they won’t be a threat. Hanoi and Beijing have maintained a more favorable relationship than either has had with Washington DC. Any thought that this will make Hanoi jump on the American bandwagon is foolish. We are allowing lethal weapons sales to a country that is much more likely to turn them against us than against China.

That doesn’t mean that China isn’t upset. They have been able to hold Vietnam at arms’ length for decades and are now forced to embrace them more closely, but embrace them they will. The notion that China is going to sit back and watch as the U.S. cozies up to a country so close to China is foolish.

Perhaps the most important factor to understand here is that we are now openly supporting communism. That cannot be dismissed. With any communist, the ability to turn on a dime must be considered. We are opening up arms trade with a country that could easily use those arms against us.

President Obama wants to open doors. He’s been doing it throughout his reign. The problem is that the majority of doors he opens lets in much more bad than good. This is just another example.

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