Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Of Course John Kasich Dropped Out. Mission Accomplished.

Call me a conspiracy theorist. Call me prescient. Call me bitter. When John Kasich stayed in the race beyond his big victory in his home state of Ohio, I wrote that I believed he had made a backroom deal with Donald Trump to help him secure the nomination.

In retrospect, I’m not sure if the deal was made with Trump or someone in the Republican Establishment, but the evidence is very clear that his mission was to prevent Cruz from being the nominee. Some will say, “but he made a deal with Cruz over Indiana.” Right. A “deal.” It was arguably the biggest factor in Trump’s monumental victory. It was a boneheaded move by the Cruz campaign that completely backfired and I would suggest that the Kasich team knew it would. I’m not going to dwell on the mistakes the Cruz campaign made; in retrospect, their campaign was technically strong by failed to account for the emotional effect of proper political campaign politics.

Kasich is complicit in this major blow to conservatism, the Republican party, and America. Whatever deal he made with Trump, the GOP elites, or whoever, his mission was accomplished. Do I blame Kasich for Cruz’s loss? No. I blame us, the grassroots. I blame the conservative pundits who either betrayed their own ideology or failed to spread it properly. I blame the Christian pandering to political correctness that has allowed Trump to be acceptable to many of us who believe the Bible. I blame the Cruz campaign for not seeing the landmines they were setting for themselves.

I don’t blame Kasich. He should have been an easy foe to vanquish, but most underestimated his effect on the outcome.

There’s no need to dwell on it. However, we must remember. Kasich is on the list of those who fought against America. Etch his name on tablets of history as an enemy of conservatism.

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