Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Would Support Ben Sasse as a Third Party Candidate

Senator Ben Sasse is a conservative. He’s a Christian. He’s not part of the Republican Establishment and he was one of the first DC politicians to speak out about and even directly call out Donald Trump about his liberal and/or ludicrous policy proposals. For these reasons alone, conservatives should consider supporting him.

There’s more to it than that, though. I’ll briefly state that Trump would be disastrous for America as President, possibly more so than Hillary Clinton. Now is not the time to go into details about why I believe this, but that particular article is coming in the near future. In the meantime, whether you believe that sentiment or not, can we acknowledge the perspective that Trump is “less than ideal” as our Commander-in-Chief.

Most people know very little about Sasse because the majority of his notoriety has come outside of Capitol Hill. His inexperience in politics has made him less impactful than even Hillary Clinton, but there’s a catch. Just as Ted Cruz made enemies in DC, so too has Sasse started to alienate himself because of his desire to keep the promises he made to the people who voted for him. People like Cruz and Sasse aren’t always the most effective in the legislature but they’re ideal for the executive branch.

The irony is that deal-makers like Trump are much better in the legislature and worse as executives. Before anyone trumpets on about how great of an executive Trump has been in his business life, let’s not forget that every time he’s been an executive outside of real estate or entertainment, he’s failed miserably. His successes in real estate are a result of literally being born into a real estate empire and his successes in entertainment are akin the the Kardashians’ successes. When he’s tried to be an executive in other industries like airlines, mortgages, football, food, casinos, and everything else that’s not real estate or entertainment, he’s been a disaster.

There’s an argument that a third-party run would be bad for the country because it would help Clinton win the White House. We’ll set aside the perspective that it she wouldn’t be as bad as Trump; I know there are still those who think that Trump would be an adequate President, the lesser of two evils, so to speak. I would contend that a solid third-party contender like Sasse would be able to galvanize the conservatives and pull in those Independents and Democrats who are more turned off by the corruptions within the Trump/Clinton option than anything else.

In other words, Ben Sasse could win.

I’m willing to support this effort if only for the sake of protecting my conscience in November, but when it’s examined more closely, it’s clear that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have a candidate that can truly lead America away from the brink. Ben Sasse could.

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