Thursday, May 19, 2016

Either Trump Wrote His Own Press Release or He Had a 4th-Grader Do It

Under normal circumstance, we try to stick to policy in our defense of conservatism and America. Rarely do we make fun of anyone for being silly; that’s the stuff for rags like Salon or Gawker. However, the way that a Presidential candidate communicates gives us insight into how they would act if elected and Donald Trump’s self-written press release is a clear example that this man is not fit to be President.

At this point, we haven’t confirmed that it was written directly by Trump but after reading it you’ll likely come to the same conclusion:

The fact that Hillary thinks the temporary Muslim ban, which she calls the “Muslim ban”, promotes terrorism, proves Bernie Sanders was correct when he said she is not qualified to be President.

Look at the carnage all over the world including the World Trade Center, San Bernardino, Paris, the USS Cole, Brussels and an unlimited number of other places. She and our totally ignorant President won’t even use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism. And by the way, ask Hillary who blew up the plane last night – another terrible, but preventable tragedy. She has bad judgement and is unfit to serve as President at this delicate and difficult time in our country’s history.

Initially, I was going to write up a sentence-by-sentence, word-by-word analysis of why this is embarrassingly moronic. After further consideration, I’m going to leave it as it is. Either you read this and realize what it represents or you’ve already succumb to the poison in the Kool-Aid. As noted on Twitchy, this is gibberish.

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