Sunday, May 22, 2016

No, Conservatives Shouldn’t Vote for Hillary

Look, I get the frustration. I feel it. As a Christian and constitutional conservative, it’s impossible for me to vote for Donald Trump. I won’t go into the many reasons for this; either you get it or you don’t. With that said, I also cannot even consider voting for Hillary Clinton. I won’t say that she’s worse, but when trying to choose between the lesser of two evils, we have to exhaust every option before making the choice.

An article on Fortune makes a relatively compelling argument about voting for Clinton over Trump if you’re a conservative. The argument appeals to the idea that we can stack the Supreme Court in the future by taking advantage of the fact that the number of Justices is not declared in the Constitution. As such, we don’t need to be limited to nine. The idea is to save the country from Trump by electing Hillary, letting her do her damage, ousting her in 2020, and then stacking the Supreme Court with conservatives by pushing the limit up to 11 or higher.

This is sound on the surface, impossible in practice. More importantly, it’s the wrong way to approach this. We shouldn’t support Hillary. We shouldn’t support Trump. We should fight until November for the best candidate regardless of their chances. The two-party system has been a debacle in that it maintains the status quo. True conservatives realize that the Republican party has left us. We also realize that the Libertarian party has some pretty liberal ideas mixed in with its conservatism. The other lesser conservative parties aren’t viable. However, now is the time to throw viability out the window and vote for the candidate that has the best policy proposals combined with the ability to lead. If we stick to those principles, we’ll likely lose this election but we’ll be establishing the foundation for the conservative movement that will be needed at full strength over the next four to eight years.

The Fortune article points to the New Deal as an example of how we can win in the long run by voting for Hillary:

Conservatives reluctant to support Trump but lamenting that a Clinton victory would lead to a Supreme Court dominated by progressives should recall the lessons of the New Deal. The progressive court that would emerge from a Clinton presidency could be quickly transformed if Republicans copy New Deal progressives and embrace court-packing. There would be costs associated with this scenario, but the costs of either a Trump presidency or acquiescing to a generation of progressive jurisprudence would be far greater.

Barely touched is the fact that the Supreme Court ploy to protect the New Deal failed. The New Deal prevailed based upon other factors, but Roosevelt was unable to expand his Supreme Court control. If he couldn’t do it, chances are slim that it could be done today.

Don’t vote for Hillary. Don’t vote for Trump. Vote for the most principled conservative on your ballot. Write in Ted Cruz if you have to. This isn’t just about our conscience. It’s about saving the country from itself in the long term.

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