Monday, May 9, 2016

If You’re Shocked that Facebook Censors Conservatives, Here’s a Bigger Shock…

The Internet in general censors conservatives. It always has. It likely always will. No, I’m not suggesting that sites like Red State or National Review are invisible. That would be too obvious, too outrageous. The censorship that happens across the internet is so subtle that it takes a former employee to blow the whistle before it can even become news.

In reality, this has been discussed often pertaining to many high-volume websites for years. On social media, sites like Twitter and YouTube have been under scrutiny well before the recent Facebook revelation. In search, Google is notorious for blaming the algorithm for its clear left tilt. Then, there are the major publications like the New York Times and Reuters who routinely link to left-leaning sentiment on “news” issues when neutral or right-leaning sentiment better serves the purpose. This is why progressive sites like Salon, Slate, and Alternet pop up as the “news” for Ted Cruz and other conservatives. Hit pieces against conservatives tend to appear more readily on nearly every major traffic-driving website. Meanwhile, puff pieces about Hillary Clinton fill the exact same venues.

Yes, the Internet is against us. It’s against Christians. The conspiracy theorists would blame the New World Order for controlling media at every level to push a leftist agenda of globalism. The end times watchers will blame manipulations from “rulers of the darkness of this world” for this disastrous trend in the media. I’m not sure what the cause is, exactly, but one does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that there’s a conspiracy of some sorts arrayed against conservative Christians on the Internet.

Unfortunately, it’s worse than most even realize. The left is creeping into alleged “alternative media” sites like InfoWars and BeforeItsNews. These sites are not the beacons of counter-culture conservatism that they appear to be. They’re good for a chuckle, but their tilt always ends up leaning to the left in the long run.

Here are a few safe sites. Be warned: just as Breitbart and Drudge took their turns to the left, we have to make certain that we watch for the same trends everywhere. I hate to come across as paranoid but I’ve been burned too many times by “conservative” websites that were actually wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • Redstate
  • National Review (usually)
  • The Resurgent
  • Daily Wire
  • Heritage
  • The Daily Signal

There are others, of course, but I’m compiling a comprehensive list on another site.

Now’s not the time for a deep dive. Instead, be aware and look for alternatives in order to get your daily dose of news. The “trusted” sources are not what they appear to be. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing – they all lean very much to the left.

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