Sunday, May 15, 2016

Using the Clinton Counterarguments to Defend Trump Brings You Down to Their Level

Hillary Clinton might just be the worst serious Presidential candidate in modern history. In fact, the only person who can realistically give her a run for her money is her opposition on the Republican side, Donald Trump. This isn’t an article that will try to determine which liberal, corrupt, deceptive major party frontrunner is worse. If anything, this is free advice to Trump supporters who have a strong tendency to make the wrong arguments when attempting to defend their chosen candidate.

When points are made about Trump’s lies, liberal policies, or history of immorality, the counterargument often starts with a variation of the words, “ya, but what about Hillary?” Those of us who are pointing out Trump’s shortcomings aren’t doing so because we believe that Clinton is better. That’s the point. Clinton isn’t better than Trump and Trump isn’t better than Clinton. They’re both liberal Democrats.

The fact that Trump allegedly wants to build a wall doesn’t excuse his other policy proposals that are as destructive as Clinton’s. It definitely doesn’t excuse the radically progressive ideas that Trump has been floating about the economy. Remember, one of Trump’s “strengths” that he and his supporters have been touting is his financial acumen. Now that he’s being forced to go into more details about how he would fix the economy, he’s taking a stance that is left of Clinton. On trade, bringing back American jobs, and fighting the national debt, Trump is in lockstep with another candidate: Bernie Sanders.

The argument at this point should not be that Clinton is even worse than Trump. It isn’t just weak. It’s defeatist. Rather than using the middle school argument that “my candidate is stronger than your candidate,” Trump apologists should be leading the charge to make Trump listen to conservative reason. They should be telling him that he must stop lying if he wants to retain their vote. They should be telling him that he must not keep shifting to the left on policy proposals. Don’t make the argument that he’s the lesser of two evils. Help him to stop being one of the two evils.

With hope and gentle prodding, I encourage Trump supporters to stop playing the weakness card. You’re sounding like victims. You’re relinquishing your political muscle that has been built on conservationism and replacing it with the feeble accusations used by liberals. Stop it. If Trump is to be the President, we all need you to get him back on track rather than being his liberal enablers.

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