Monday, May 30, 2016

Trump’s Best Campaigners: Those Who Protest Him

If it weren’t so clearly obvious, I’d have to turn this into a long story. It’s extremely obvious that the Trump “protests” are campaign gold for Donald Trump, so one might think that there would be no need to write this article in the first place. Unfortunately, the subjects of the article are the ones that don’t get it.

Those of you who are standing outside of rallies, sneaking into them, blocking roads, burning shirts, flashing signs, and causing general mayhem at Trump rallies need to hear the reality: YOU’RE HELPING HIM. This isn’t a sitting politician. This isn’t a cause to fight. This is a candidate who will likely win the GOP nomination and is on pace to be the favorite in the general election if Hillary Clinton is able to win her party’s nomination. As such, these protests do nothing more than spur his supporters forward and swell their ranks with people on the fence who are more opposed to your actions than to the potential disaster of a Trump Presidency.

If you want to fight Trump, rally behind a candidate you can support. Causes that work for something are always seen more favorably and are more effective than causes that try to work against something. There are now Libertarian candidates ready for support. There’s Clinton. There’s Bernie Sanders. There’s a potential third party candidate who could emerge if they see enough support.

For the record, I oppose Trump. This is one of the reasons that I’m hoping his idiot protesters would stop. They’re making it harder for an alternative to rise because they’re helping to unify the party against the oppressive atmosphere the protesters promote.

These protesters are self-serving. If they are smart enough to realize that they’re not doing any good towards stopping Trump, then they’re just venting and having fun. If they’re not smart enough to realize they’re helping their foe, they should educate themselves before participating in these protests. Either way, these protests need to stop. You’re only helping your enemy.

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