Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dan Froomkin’s Reporting on Failed Reporting is the Real Failure

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At first, I thought it was satire. That’s how bad it really is.

In a recent article posted on Al Jazeera America, the journalist depicts the way that the government shutdown has unfolded in the news as too neutral. He wants us to believe that there’s a clear cut blame to be placed on the government shutdown and that publications and journalists around the country “failed democracy” by not holding the Republicans in Congress solely accountable for the current predicament we’re in.

One would think that a trained journalist would do more than snap a judgment based upon a single line of an article. Granted, it was a long article that would have taken him at least 5 minutes to read in full, but the first paragraph was all he needed. Here’s how the article starts:

American news reports are largely blaming the government shutdown on the inability of both political parties to come to terms. It is supposedly the result of a “bitterly divided” Congress that “failed to reach agreement” (Washington Post)…

The Washington Post story in question very clearly lays the majority of the blame on the Republicans. It wouldn’t take more than an 8th grade education to see that. The sad part is that the Washington Post stated undisputed facts with which Al Jazeera took issue. Congress is bitterly divided on the issue and they failed to reach an agreement. What part of those statements failed democracy?

Dan Froomkin is an example of the liberal mainstream media that accounts for the majority of the news reporting we see on a daily basis. He believes that we need journalists to hold politicians accountable for extreme actions, not to enable them. The reality is this: we need journalists to inform the people so that the people can hold politicians accountable for their actions. Froomkin failed democracy much more than the Washington Post.

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