Monday, October 14, 2013

Set Aside Time Every Day for the Bible and Prayer

Distractions from the Bible and Prayer

Distractions. They’re everywhere. There is no longer a need to say, “there’s nothing to do.” Children and adults alike are given so many different ways to spend our time that we are often in a continuous state of being entertained.

The other side of the equation is true as well. Technology has given us unprecedented opportunities to explore the Word of God. There are Bible websites, podcasts, YouTube videos, eReaders, audiobooks, and blogs with commentaries that make it much easier to dive into the Bible. Even when you take technology out of the equation and focus on the printed word, the abundance of Bibles available in western cultures is amazing. It’s taken for granted, which in itself is so petty considering how hard it is for those in other countries to even have access to Bibles. Many risk their lives just to have and share the Word of God, yet in our ease of access we all-too-often fail to take advantage of them. We are distracted.

It may be difficult for people in this culture to pull away from the distractions and focus a little time every day on God, but it’s our responsibility as Christians. Being a Christian doesn’t happen once a week at church. It must be daily. It should be constant, but daily is better than nothing.

Make it a priority. Schedule it if you have to. Take your Bible to work and read it during your lunch break. Wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning. Limit your television or internet time, even if only by a little bit. Do whatever it takes to read your Bible and pray to your Lord and Savior every single day. There may be a time in the future when you no longer have that opportunity. Don’t wait.

Here’s a video in which I’m basically ranting, but it’s from the heart so be patient. Sorry for the quality. It simply couldn’t wait until I arrived at my destination.

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