Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When Choices Must Be Made, Consult with God

God and Choices

We must make choices every single day. Some of these choices will be big while other seem insignificant. For all of the choices that we must make, God is there to point us in the right direction. We simply have to be willing to listen to Him.

When it comes to tough choices, it’s absolutely imperative that you allow God to make the choice for you. This isn’t a matter of seeking advice or praying that your choice will be successful. It’s about opening up, listening to the direction that is being chosen for you, and heading in that direction regardless of what our mind, heart, friends, family or anything else tells us.

The toughest part is often listening to the wrong “voices” in your head or feelings placed on your heart. There are forces that are meant to deceive us and are often the reason that we are so weak in making the wrong decisions. There’s ego, greed, fear – these are just three of hundreds of influencing factors that can propel us in the wrong direction.

Listening to what God says to us, what He places on our hearts, and the direction He steers us towards is often the difference between making the right choice and the wrong one.

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