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In Defense of Marriage: Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler

The Bible speaks in so many passages about the times we live in today. We are truly living in wonderful and terrifying times as the moral collapse of society reins with two disturbing attributes: those participating find it hard to realize that what they’re doing is wrong and those who are not participating are in many cases shifting their world view to accommodate the changes that are happening in our society.

In other words, there are those who are doing wrong and there are those who are encouraging them to do wrong. Both cases are dangerous and the latter may be even worse than the former.

In a recent speech by Dr. Albert Mohler Jr at Brigham Young University, he tackles the decay of morality and Christian doctrine regarding marriage. It has become so easy to get married and it has become so easy to get divorced. Obligation, responsibility, and the goal of building a permanent family have been replaced in modernity by individual desires and the need to use marriage as a form of self-expression. There are no longer real consequences in society for getting divorced. It’s commonplace. It’s accepted.

To some, it’s expected. We are no longer measured by how long we’ve been married but by how many marriages we’ve had.

It’s a very long piece, but it’s absolutely worth a read. Here’s an excerpt:

The claim that humanity can only come into its own and overcome various invidious forms of discrimination by secular liberation is not new, but it is now mainstream. It is now so common to the cultures of Western societies that it need not be announced, and often is not noticed. Those born into the cultures of late modernity simply breathe these assumptions as they breathe the atmosphere, and their worldviews are radically realigned, even if their language retains elements of the old worldview.

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