Monday, October 31, 2016

Now is not the time for secrecy, Director Comey

As Los Angeles Times and Red State report, the FBI will accelerate its efforts to go through the 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer to prepare an initial report. What the FBI has not committed to is releasing this early report. That’s not acceptable.

There are times during an investigation when secrecy is important. This is not one of those times. There are no upcoming criminal activities that need to be thwarted. There is also no way for the information in their possession to be manipulated. In other words, they don’t have any reason to hide.

On the other hand, we’re talking about the future of the United States. With the Presidential election coming up, it’s imperative that voters have as much information as possible before voting. If there’s a reason to believe that Hillary Clinton was involved in activities such as proactively attempting to thwart an investigation, voters need to know.

Here’s excerpts from RedState and LA Times:

Investigators had planned to conduct the review over several weeks but, after a torrent of criticism over the weekend, began scrambling to examine the trove of emails, according to law enforcement officials. The FBI hoped to complete a preliminary assessment in the coming days, but agency officials have not decided how, or whether, they will disclose the results of it publicly, and officials also could not say whether the entire review would be completed by election day.

What is the FBI thinking? Comey throws out his bombshell less than two weeks before the election. Then we learn the FBI is talking about 650,000 emails and that they hadn’t even bothered to get a warrant to allow them to review the emails. Nor did they bother to tell Director Comey about the emails for weeks. And now suddenly they get their warrant Sunday and now the say they might “complete a preliminary assessment in the coming days,” whatever that means.

Read more at RedState and LA Times.

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