Tuesday, November 1, 2016

John Kasich stays true by clowning himself with his vote

On one hand, Ohio Governor and former Presidential candidate John Kasich did the right thing by choosing not to vote for the liberal Republican nominee Donald Trump. Then, he wiped out his credibility by using his protest vote on the liberal Senator from Arizona John McCain.

There are a few options available to Kasich who are not only much more conservative but who are actually running for President. Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle, America’s Party’s Tom Hoeffling, and independent Evan McMullin are all available for Kasich to write in, but he chose the one guy who won’t be getting a substantial number of protest votes.

This is John Kasich being John Kasich at his finest. More from Mediaite:

As other GOP presidential candidates have eventually relented and offered their support to Trump, such as former critics Marco Rubioand Ted Cruz, Kasich has held firm. During the Republican National Convention, Kasich stayed far away, despite it being held in Cleveland.

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