Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Trump recording reveals nothing new. Stop acting shocked. Stop making excuses.

A man spent his life harming others. His multitude of business failures hung partners and employees out to dry. His casinos and the strip clubs in them enabled the degradation of moral fabric in ordinary Americans. His use of eminent domain, bankruptcies, and conning skills took money and property from tens of thousands. Most women in his life report a petty, misogynistic little man behind the empire his daddy gave him. Why would any thinking American be shocked by a video that clearly represents the character Donald Trump has always demonstrated?

The answer: you shouldn’t be shocked. Reince Priebus knew what kind of man Trump is, so his condemnation at the 11th hour is meaningless. Paul Ryan getting sickened now does little to change the fact that he was ready to give him a bear hug in Wisconsin. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott issued rebukes even though they knew Trump as well as any American. I could go down a very long list of Trump endorses who are suddenly “blindsided” by news that Trump’s a pig.

The Republican Party is broken. It’s not just the leadership within the GOP. The Moral Majority has been co-opted by “faith-based” con artists like Robert Jeffress, David Bozell, Ralph Reed, Joel Osteen, and Jerry Falwell Jr (whose father helped launch the Moral Majority in the first place). Those who refuse to support candidates with demonstrably poor principles seem to be few and far between, though Russell Moore and at least 70 others have been on the right side of the fight.

Then, there are the primary voters. I’d call them GOP voters, but it seemed as if Trump did best in open primaries. Those millions who either failed to see Trump’s lack of values or ignored them for the sake of the alt-right’s persistent chanting should not be shocked at all. The information about Trump has been available from the beginning. The signs were clear. The writing has been on the wall. It would be one thing if he were an amoral man who proved he was a great leader by building his empire from scratch. It would be different if he didn’t have a huge list of complete and utter business failures that show he is utterly incompetent outside of real estate and reality TV. He has always been a one-trick pony in business, and that one trick was given to him by his dad. Unfortunately, only 42% of Republicans are even aware that he was born into his empire.

None of you should be shocked by this latest evidence of the type of man Donald Trump is. The honorable thing would be to abandon his campaign as Jason Chaffetz and others have. Sadly, many will not. Party first.

Over the next month, we’re going to hear phrases like “we’re not electing a Pastor-in-Chief” or “nobody ever said he was a choir boy” or “everybody’s said something in private they’d regret if made public” or “what he said over a decade ago has no bearing on what he’ll do as President.” If he has a decent debate on Sunday night, the reactionary calls for him to step down as GOP nominee will subside and the focus will be turned to the issues. There’s still a chance for a miracle, for the GOP to oust him (as they should have done months ago) or for him to realize he’s in a losing battle. Then again, he’s also going against his Democratic doppelganger, a woman so corrupt she makes it hard to tell whether or not Trump is actually worse. As crazy as it seems today, there’s enough time for the ADHD American society to latch onto something positive and propel Trump to the White House.

There’s nothing shocking about Trump’s recorded remarks. The shocking thing will come in the next few days. If his debate performance is deemed positive, he’ll retain the nomination and has a chance of winning the election. You can accept that or not, but one thing his supporters need to do is stop making excuses. Accept him for his depravity and acknowledge that principles really don’t matter to you.

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