Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another Century of Planned Parenthood Will Destroy This Country

Today, we “celebrate” a very important birthday. 100 years ago, Planned Parenthood was born. There’s a certain irony in that statement; the organization that attempts to prevent the birth of human beings was “born” a century ago. Let that sink in.

During that time, over seven million babies were killed by the organization. That’s not the way that they would put it, of course. Their narrative would be that seven million mothers were given a choice about their bodies, their lives. Unfortunately for them and Planned Parenthood, that narrative only stands up if you declare that a baby isn’t really a baby until it’s fully separated from the mother’s body.

These are moral questions for us to fight. While the political battle will likely rage for a long time, the moral battle is one that must be won very soon. Making abortion illegal may or may not happen, but if we rely solely on that notion, we’ll fall short. The battle must be won for the hearts and minds of the people in America and around the world. Otherwise, companies like Planned Parenthood will bring about our destruction as a race.

Here’s the story from Live Action News:

Planned Parenthood is celebrating what National Right to Life dubs the “saddest birthday ever.” The nation’s largest abortion provider turns 100 on October 16. As it commemorates its birthday, pro-lifers are memorializing the seven million babies’ lives Planned Parenthood has taken – just since 1970. And the number rises daily as this abortion counter reports. In its 100th year, Planned Parenthood has  already added another quarter million babies to its death toll. Thus, celebrating 100 years of its own life means celebrating over seven million deaths and counting.

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